Advice on holidays

Hi all,

i would like to introduce myself, I am Lisa, i’ve had MS for 10 years and am a full time wheelchait user. i was wondering whether any of your good selves know of any wheelchair adapted villas in the Alicante area of Spain. I have been on the accessatlast website but the ones on there are fully booked for August . Also do any companies hire WAVs over there as i would like to take my power chair. many thanks for any afvice given L

Hi sorry to see your post got to page 2 with no replies.

Sorry, I cant help with holiday ideas in Spain.

But I am trying a hotel in Blackpool which has all the equipment I use at home, for free!

If it goes well, maybe I`ll think about going further afieled next year.

Hope you find something.

luv Pollx

thank you for your reply and I’ll let you know if i find anything lisa x

Sorry Cheryl can’t help but I am interested in any answers you might get, Chis

Hi Lisa,

I live in Spain, but in the north. I have a friend who is doing up a house for wheelchair users, but I don’t think it’ll be ready for this year.

I’m answering this to keep you bumped up on the page. A secret ‘bump’.

best wishes,



Hi k I would be interested in your friends house, when it’s ready. Which airport is it nearest to ? Xx

thank rou all so much i’ll keep you posted x L