Ang suggestions for a disable friendly european holiday??

Hi all,

would like to go on hols this summer somewhere wheelchair/scooter friendly. Any suggestions please.

Always makes me think of the series Benidorm and the lady on the scooter! Any other ideas?

Thanks Dan

Hi Dan

A friend of mine went to Spain last year. The accomodation is owned/run by a Scottish couple-one of them is disabled so the house is completely set up for that purpose. However, I cant remember where exactly it is and have no idea what the local area is like. However, leave it with me and will point my friend in the direction of your post.

Ellie x

How about a cruise around the Med; brilliant

I’m an outdoor wheelchair user.Benidorm is very flat.I also went to Barcelona in 2010.A very disabled friendly city.Very easy to get around.Dropped kerbs,transport with ramps,accessble shops,bars etc.I’ve booked to go to Sidari in Greece in June.Done my homework and its also very flat and suitable for the disabled