Disabled friendly places in uk to holiday/visit.

Hello everyone.

i have just been for a holiday to the new forest in hampshire and was pleased to find a bungalow to rent as i find stairs very hard now. was a lovely place to stay and very easy to get around in it.

while there i also went to visit beaulieu motor museum and abbey ect… i was really pleased that preety much 98% was fully accessable for scooters and wheelchairs to access even the food place.

so with that and im really not bragging as it was very stressful with partner but id love to hear of any places youve been too that have good access and places youd recommend so we can get it all on one post.

hope everyones as well as can be xxx love caz

id really like to hear from anyones experiances.

i only went because my partner was going to go without me and i was rushing round trying to get a bed n brek to stay in while he desided to go then eventually i felt i had to go.

so any advice or anything really would help me and others thanks.

So glad you enjoyed the Motor Museum! I live about 3 miles away and have been there a couple of times. When I went they let us go round to a private entrance to get into the main house as there were a couple of steps to get down to the dining room. The staff were great.

Another attraction that are very good are the Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovilton, they are well worth a visit.

Also most of the attractions on the Isle of Wight are very wheelchair accessible, Sandown Zoo, Seaview Wildlife Encounter are

just 2 of the attractions that were brilliant


Hi, this is such helpful information and i`m glad you enjoyed the hol.

Most places have some disabled access/facilities now, but it cant be assumed so, eh?

I am full of zest re super dooper changing places toilets just now.

I am going to see if I can start a local campaign to get one in our town.

They help those of us who a regular accessible loo doesnt give us what we need ;

ie more room for 2 carers, adult sized changing tables and a hoist.

Thanks for a good post.

luv Pollx

If I am going somewhere new, I google the place to see what the access and facilities are like.


I get a free booklet every year that is advertised on disability sites:


It has been really useful to day trips and longer breaks. Lots of reviews.

all the best


The Forestry Commission have several holiday sites over the country. They are log cabins - beautifully fitted out with all you need. Some are especially for disabled. And you can take your dogs. You can go for just a few days or weekends or longer stays. They are for people who love the countryside. Nearly said ‘Nature Lovers’ but that sounds a bit like nudies.

thankyou everyone for your ideas and suggestions i feel this is really important so we can find somewhere we can recharge and hopfully have a nice time.

does anyone know of a torquay hotel near the theatre that has a lift at least to get upstairs if needed?

and where can i hire a mobility scooter for weekend?

sorry guys , hope everyones ok.


I started looking for disabled friendly placves for a break. The Isle of Wight came up.
You can get a list of possible hotels.B&Bs/etc from:

I also checked the Wightlink car ferries - they have lifts from cardeck to passenger deck, and seem to be user friendly if given a couple of days notice.

Looks like it could be a strong contender (and a lot easier than the planning for a few days in France).


I know Butlins isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for a holiday… but if you have kids they are great… they are also fully accessable and rent both mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Pat x

THATS GOOD TO KNOW PAT I MAY DO THAT IN FUTURE I WAS LOOKING At spring harvest for next yearand a scooter would really help for that , thanks.

and thanks geoff i didnt go to the isle of wright when i was near that part of england last week but its nice to know i might have been able to go on ferry.

it dont help that i live in a tiny flat with no where to store a scooter so im stuck upstairs in the flat and have to go down stairs on my bum. and yes my husband dont give a poo.

anyway thats my rant. keep sharing and thanks xx