Where do people in wheelchairs go on holiday?

This wheelchair malarkey is new to me this year, so just thinking about a holiday for next year. Then I realised, I need somewhere accessible and somewhere that has support with the caring side of things… Hubby needs a holiday too! Can anybody give any advice… Also another question for seasoned wheelchair users… How do you get comfy in this damn thing!!! Bev… (Leeds,W Yorks)

Hi Bev,

I’m going on a cruise around the Med in March; http://www.iglucruise.com/po-oceana Join us.

Not as expensive as people think.




Thought the title sounded like the opening line of a joke and was tempted to say ‘Lourdes’, but then I thought it might be a bit close to the knuckle.

Anywhere you fancy, just make sure you do your research. Many websites for holiday cottages can now be sorted to select wheelchair accessible accomm (‘Visit Britain’ is good) and I’ve found chain hotels are generally good for accessibe rooms but you need to check whether shower is accessible or over bath - European hotels often better for this than UK. Flying needs planning, but a wheelchair gets you whisked through all the queues! Check local info on internet for accessible attractions, beaches etc. Rough guide to disabled UK is good.

Plea to holiday providers - could we please have ‘family rooms’ that are also accessible - they usually only sleep 2.

Sorry, my post should have said “Rough Guide to Accessible Britain” .


Did you gt a gel cushion from wheelchair services? (I’m Leeds too) it made all the difference for me.


In my wheelchair i’ve been to Tenerife Playa De Las Americas,Benidorm,Barcelona and most recent Sidari in Greece. All flat resorts and very accessible.


Hi, I am awaiting assessment for respite break funding. A lot of places say they are wheelchair accessible, but I need more than that. What are your needs?

I have found 3 places in Blackpool and Southprot, who supply just about any equipment you could want…for free…or built in to the price more like.

I have looked at sites offering disabled friendly facilities abroad, but they only tell what shower and doorways are like.

I think a lot of research and checking with individual places is needed.

Good luck and let us know what you find out, yeh?

luv Pollx


cruising is perfect for those in wheelchairs of like me using a motorbility scooter just make sure that you ask for an adapted cabin this will ensure that you can get in and out of cabin and bathroom easily

good luck


With regards to the cushion,if you have input with the district nurse ask them to send the tissue viability nurse to assess you for a proper pressure relieving cushion.

Failing that OT,physio or wheelchair services.

Whoever provided the chair should of really provided the correct cushion,as there is no need to be uncomfortable even when in your chair all day.

Any discomfort rings warning bells of pressure areas so you need to chase them up.



Thought the title sounded like the opening line of a joke and was tempted to say ‘Lourdes’, but then I thought it might be a bit close to the knuckle.

[/quote] No… I like your SOH!!!

I went to Salou for the first time this year it was the best holiday I’ve been on I take my wheelchair on holiday I dont use it at home but on holiday I can see round me and enjoy myself more, I will be going back to Salou again its so flat there was even a place down the street where you could hire mobility scooters 10 euro a day or 50 for 7 days :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone for all your comments, and suggestions… Just reconnected to the computer world! But I forgot to mention one small thing :frowning: … But I,m also looking for the extra bits like, help with personal care, profiling beds, commodes yes the full monty… I know it was a big thing to forget to mention but I keep forgetting what I need if that makes sense? I did see a leaflet in a waiting room with info for a place in Blackpool that had everything but I was thinking of somewhere a bit more adventurous for me n hubby for our 25th wedding anniversary

This looks like exactly what you want http://www.lero.net/ing/index_ing.php


Cheers George!.. That’s an excellent site!.. Wll definitely investigate this further


We always use the holiday camps mainly Haven, Butlins sometimes Pontins.

They tend to be disabled friendly and easy to use for wheelchair users.