Blackpool jaunt

Good afternoon friends!

I just had super weekend in Blackers, with one of my carers. She has been a real star! The hotel wasnt a truly accessible place. I had to hire in a hoist and commode. The bed was a normal one, but had been raised on blocks, to allow for the hoists feet to go underneath. The first night was a real nightmare. I just could not get comfortable and suffered pains all over my body!

I had to wake Bev 3 times to ask her to move me. But I felt bad about disturbing her and waited a long time, in agony each time.

The second night was 100% better, as we asked for extra pillows and Bev made me very comfortable. She`s a star and I am so lucky to have her.

Besides all that, we visited the Dungeons. It was really funny. A tip for anyone going there…I got us both in for £9.95…as a disabled person with a carer! The regular price is £15.95 each! Bargain!

Yeh,I feel so refreshed!


Hello Poll,

It’s great to hear that you had a nice short trip and by what you have said about Bev, she does sound a diamond.


Hi Poll,

Lost my lovely Avatar on this newly changed website and so have you!!!

Glad you had a good fun time. I usually try and get a carer in for free where ever we go. Do you have one of those special cinema tickets where your carer can get in for free. I am sure you have, but can’t remember the name.

Trying to set up a new windows phone for daughter. Nightmare…

C x

Good to hear you had a great time in Blackpool Poll

Noreen x

Hi, yes I am sad I have lost my lovely Boudica image. I have no idea how to restore it. Stewart did it for me as I am numb when it comes to stuff like that.

I have the cinema ticket which gets a carer in for free…its called CEA. I have to renew it annually, which is nuts, as my disability aint going anywhere. Plus it costs £5.50 plus a new photo!


Glad you had a good time in Blackpool.

i often forget to ask about discounts etc but it does work in a lot of places. I am thinking about going to the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace will see if it works for that. Didn’t know about cinema will check that out.