Well guys,only 1 more sleep till we go to Blackers! It seems an awful long time in coming, but here we are, very nearly there.

Been looking up trams, as we want to go to Fleetwood market. They`ve spent oodles of dosh on updating the 11 mile tram route from Starr Gate to Fleetwood and ALL trams are wheelchair accessible.

I am hoping with everything crossed (now THAT would be a miracle), that Mrs Sunshine wil be kinder to us than when we went last year and Mr Rain was out in full force.

We stay at The Bond Hotel, South Shore and its a long chuffin way into the town, when ones rain cape blows up covering my face and I cant see where the eck im going and my carers are peein themselves laffing, when Mrs Buckets lookalike is in a right old pickle!

Yeh, they do that to me! We`re gonna take a peek at another hotel which has all the palalver a lady like me needs, ie hoist, leccy bed, commode and stuff, which is in the town centre.

So I`ll say ttfn and catch up on my return.

much luv POlly xx

I realise that this is probably too late, but the weather’s looking good where I live, just a few miles from Blackpool - we’ve had some lovely sunshine in the last few days and not much rain for the last couple of weeks.

I haven’t been on the new trams yet but my husband has - he was impressed. The whole fleet has been replaced with modern vehicles - they don’t have the character of the old ones but as you say, they are accessible and modern and probably more comfortable.

Have a good holiday!

Have a great time Poll

I would say behave yourself but that would be asking too much Lol…not to mention boring


Hi Poll,

Warwick Davis and his family were in Blackpool on his programme this week. Looked lovely. He went dancing at the Tower Ballroom and went to the zoo.

I’ve been a few times to take my children to the Pleasure Beach … it was fantastic, everything is in a square mile so no long walks between rides (like other places I could mention) bought a wristband so they could go on things as often as they wanted. It was in the time I could walk so even I went on the Pepsi Max. You could go and watch the ice show and see people being scared on the rides!! No charge to just go in.

Also seen the illuminations which are lovely.

Hope you have a lovely time.

Jen x

Oooh Poll I feel excited for you! Havn’t been to blacklpool for nearly twenty years!

The weather’s meant to be boiling tomorrow, you’ll need plenty of suncream!

Hope you have an awesome time!

Freckles xxx

Have a well deserved break Poll, change of scenery will do you good! luv Linda x

Hi Poll

Only just spotted this and now realise I am too late and you will have already gone, typical me.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely time in Blackpool, you deserve a nice break away.

Pam x

Hey poll, I’ll be thinking of you when I look across the bay of Southport and see Blackpool tower, weather forecast looks OK here up north, saying that we’ve just had thunder & lightning tonight, but you’ll know that now your here.

Pauline x