catch up

Hi gang!

Not visi ted here for bit, as grandkids have been staying for a bit…10 days…was just the 12 yr old for 5 day, then the 5 yr old joined us and she wore me out! Lovely to see em and lovely to send em home. Actually I really miss the 12 yr old. she was good company and we chatted and laughed loads. she was a pretty good help as well. she says she wants to be a beautician, but methinks there is a great nurse hidden inside.

Had my reflexoogy this aft. Sooo so soothing and it sends me off in a trance like state of just, i dunno…mmmm…ness!

Im off to Blackpool tomorrow with my morning carer, bev. Were staying at hotel with only partial disability access. Remeber when I first rang? And they said they were not that kind of hotel? Well they WILL be when I get there!

ttfn guys!

luv Pollx

Hi Polly

I haven’t been on here for a while either and did wonder where you are, good to hear you caught up with the grand children and had a nice time chatting with that grand daughter too.

I hope you enjoy Blackpool, oh and I love reflexology too, am having it next week in fact, welcome back.

Love Wendy x

Have a lovely holiday Poll! I’m off to Skegness in the morning as well in our caravan.

I hope the hotel will be ok for you.

Try to persuade your grandaughter to go for the nursing instead of the beauty business.

I was a beauty therapist. It’s really badly paid. I wish i had done nursing instead. There are so many more opportunities with nursing.

Take care my love and have a fun time.

Have a great time in Blackpool Poll. Good to hear you had a lovely time with your grandchildren

Would love to be a fly on the wall at your hotel

Noreen x

You tell em Poll.

Have a lush time.

Look forward to hearing about it.

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll good to know your keeping okay and getting out and about hope you have fun

respect sean

Hi Poll

Have a lovely time in Blackpool, will look forward to reading about your escapades on your return.

Glad you had a nice, although I expect tiring, time with your grandchildren, if you are anything like me, they zonk you out, so a break away with the lovely sea air will do you good.

Pam xx

Hi - I tried to post yesterday but couldn’t. I am off to Skegness tomorrow (Saturday) for a week. My fiancee is very interested in Bowls and hundreds of people are converging on Skegness next week as there are three greens on the front altogether for the National Finals.

I am hoping that the weather will stay good for all of us.

Have a good time everyone.

Jackie xx

Have fun in Blackpool. Another time, we must arrange to meet for coffee - I live not that far from Blackpool.

For now I’m keeping my cold germs to myself. Trust me, I’m doing eceryone a favour with my selfishness!