Hi gang, I`m back home!

T`was a great long weekend.

Our suite…yeh, I know, posh!..of rooms was fabulous dahling!

We had 2 adjoining twin rooms, with a wet room between them, each room had electric beds and hoists! Lots of room and well fitted out.

This is the New Mayfair hotel, Blackpool. Food is wonderful…waitress service, evening entertainment and accessible coach trips out…I really do recommend it!

me and my carers are a super mix…Golden Girls, as we are all 60+, who love fashion, hairdos and make up. I had my eyebrows threaded…ahhhhhh! it chuffin hurts! but they look good all the same!

Saturday we went to the zoo…it chuffin` rained all day, but being true yorkshire lasses, we grinned and soldiered on.

Oh what treats we enjoyed;

teeny tiny baby meerkats…like my baby Oleg!

A lioness who roared at us just 3 feet away…scary stuff that!

Tigers! oh, just my fav wild animal ever…beautifully majestic!

Baby monkeys, marmasets, cappucinos…not not the coffee!..silverback gorilla and family!

Caiman alligator…who looked plastic…but deadly all the same!

Yesterday was serious…retail therapy and boy! did we show em how its done…we shopped till we dropped…then we got off the tram too soon and had a hike back to the hotel…but it was sunny and bright, so we had all the cobwebs well and truly blown away!

Backhome now and our little Sophie licked me silly…next hol in september…barcelona!

love Pollyxx

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So pleased you had a great time, sounds fab. Little Sophie sounded pleased to see you back. C xxx

what a fabulous weekend!

hotel sounds just the job and after all that bother you had finding a place that would cater for all your needs!

word of mouth is the best sort of advertisement.

i’ve always fancied having my eyebrows threaded but never booked it and the day that i was definitely going to have it done, the place wasn’t there!

better leave you to carry on getting licked!

i can just picture sophie being so overwhelmed with excitement that she peed!

sorry sophie, just our old dog peed on anyone who visited us.

carole x

nope Carole, she didnt pee!


good girl sophie!

That sounds like a wonderful trip, Poll. The zoo sounds excellent. A couple of summers ago the whole of East Anglia MS Society met up at Banham Zoo, we had a great day out and I saw the baby tigers . We had all been hoping all day for a glimpse of them so I was really chuffed to get some pics.

I haven’t been to Blackpool since I was in my twenties, which was cough cough just a few years ago lol! I may have to visit again soon since you recommend it so highly.

Tracey x