back home from Blackers!

Howdy folks!

Us Golden Girls are all back safely tucked into Yorkshire, after our 5 day jaunt to t`other side ie Lancashire!!

The New Mayfair hotel is superb! It is a little way out of Blackers, but the tram makes it so easy to get around…on and off for us wheelies…no gap…no steps…no ramp…fab-u-lous!

The room was great, hoist and all! The food is scrummy and all the staff are so pleasant and interested in what everyone has to say.

Now, there was an extra guest in our room…she went free, but ate nowt! On our first night, as my girlies lowered me into bed, I looked to my right to see a leopard print nightie…yeh, I love that style, but knew I wasnt wearing it…

Oh my lord above! Eckythump and chuffin ell! A face stared at me…eyes piercing…tongue hanging out of it`s big mouth…wild white tresses falling over my pillow…yes, I knew her…it was Grizelda!

Now Grizelda was born out of a previous holiday in Blackers with my 2 Golden Girls. Grizelda was found under my bed…under their beds…she floated at will…in our imaginations.

Okay…I`ll explain properly.

Grizelda is now a rag doll…3ft tall…with grazes and knocks all over her body, from fighting with other banshees!

I took her down to breakfast one day…to the delights and interests of other guests.

Further to our jolly fun…

Tuesday night around 9pm, I said.Girls! I havent drained into my bag for 3 hours. Summats up!` We were all concerned now.

Chris 1 went to ask reception for a telephone number for a district nurse. I rang them. I did take a new catheter with me, but didnt have the full kit for a change, so I was advised to go to hospital, as the district nurses don`t carry spares… MMmmm?

A taxi was called and I was bundled up it`s ramp, wearing me nightie, a blanket, red bed sox, no nix and a scarf. Guy Fawkes isnt far off, eh? Oh, and some black and white baggy joggers.

I was booked in and saw a nurse for a preliminary chat and then pointed in the direction of the waiting room. An hour passed by…I felt the urge…sis went to ask when I would be seen…not sure…in due course…and then…uh oh…

It came…I weed and weed and weed…into me pads, into me joggers, into the wheelie seat…onto the floor…sis got some paper towels and mopped it up best she could. Well, at least my discomfort and anxiety was over.

At around 1pm I was taken into a cubicle and a doctor appeared…changing a catheter was no problem for him…BUT…could I get on the couch? No, no, no! I need a hoist. Again, he said, no problem…Amazing…when I ask for a hoist in Halifax or Huddersfield, youd think Id asked for the world!

A hoist was brought by 2 lovely, kind nurses, the old cath was taken out and yep…it was gungy! A new cath was inserted…in and in and in…not the best feeling ever! All done…phew!

Another taxi returned us to our hotel and we got to bed around 2.30am…after I`d been washed and wiped with flannel!

Blackpool Illuminations? Well the hospital ones are fab!

luv Pollyxxx

hi poll

wow! what an adventure you have had with your catheter!

hotel sounds fab!

you golden girls rock!!!

carole x


glad u r back! another adventure under ur belt eh?

e x

Yah tell a great great story Poll, what a time you’ve had.

Glad to hear you had a good time, apart from the catheter blip

Sounds like an interesting adventure, I love your spirit.

Jan x