Arro everybody! Me and the lovely Bev are back from Blackers!

Lots of shopping, ice cream eating, tram riding, cocktail tasting and aniseed rock (ask Ssuuee) buying was done.

We were treated to a brill display from the good old RAF…those Red Arrows are amazing and the first plane we saw, a Typhoon, was incredibly LOUD…the sound went right through me boots!!!

Anyone contemplating a jolly suitable for wheelie types like moi…would be hard put to find better in UK than Blackers! It`s so easy from the New Mayfair Hotel, on a tram into town or right up to Fleetwood…easy on and off all day for a measly fiver!

Great to go away, but always good to come home to. There`s nowt like your own commode, is there?


Good news that you arrived home safely. And that there were no unseemly attempts to overthrow the council and establish your rights as monarch of Boudicapool. The Iceni I presume were kept under control (maybe they came in handy for assisting the locals in policing the stag and hen dos?).

Also happy that aniseed rock was purchased for your OH. (For the interested, I sent seaside rock to our lovely Poll and was in trouble with Mr Polly as it was not aniseed flavoured!)

Very nice to know that the Red Arrows were rolled out for the pleasure of the visit from royalty.

And im also happy that you are home safe and sound to the comforts of your own bed and commode. Let the celebratory crumpets with marmalade commence.