ttfn...not for long..

Allo me mateys!

Tomorrow I am gadding off to Blackers, with me 2 lovely Christine’s.

Its a 3 nighter in a great hotel, which caters for my every need.

Last time we were there, I got carted off to A & E, due to a blocked catheter!

Defo NOT intending any such daftery!

Will be taking this tablet, so might be popping in over the hol.

Play nicely now!


Hi Poll

Hope you have a fantastic time! x

Have a lovely time Poll, I’m having a midweek break on the Isle of Wight at the moment, going home tomorrow.

Set Blackers rocking

Jan x

Have a fabulous time Poll. Look forward to hearing what you get up to.

Noreen xx

Have fun Poll.

Relax and have fun.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Shazzie xx

Have a fantastic time. C xx

Have a wonderful time, don’t forget your 'kiss me quick 'hat.

Sue x

have a great time, and if you get chance to see rock being made in a shop window, take time to watch it as its really interesting (or perhaps im just easily captivated?)

fluffyollie xx

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Have a great time Poll, I’m sure you will have a few adventures and we want to hear all about them


JBk xx

Lets all wish dear Poll a great few days - and hope the weather is kind to her.

happy holiday poll xxx

last year we went into a rock shop and watched it being made…took about an hour from start to finish and the muscle power needed …wow!