Evening gang. Just popping in to say were off on a weeks hols tomorrow. Going to the cotswolds area in the camper. Sis is coming too and is a PA of mine, as you know.

Physio came yesterday re this persistent shoulder/collar bone area pain, caused by hutching and transfers to loo. I use my hoist when in bed or having a particulary off day…not too often.

She reckons it wont improve as I cant rest it enough and exercise it gently. So she changed the conversation to would I consider having a supra pubic catheter!!! Never expected that! But I do see her reasoning behind it.

I dunno…gonna think on it a while.

ttfn folks. Keep the forum warm for me and play nicely now, yeh?

much luv, Polly xxxxxxxxx

Have a super holiday and break away from home. It will do you good and give you time to contemplate your offer of catheter.

Fresh air and lovely change of scenery will do you good.

Have one on me and I shall miss you.

Tell us all about it when home again,



Hi have a good one, your not going far from my neck of the woods. Hope the weather improves but do enjoy. Love Karen xxxx

Hi Poll,

Have a super duper time and get plenty of fresh air and rest. Let us know all what you get up to…hm! Well not everything!! Enjoy, you deserve it.

Luv Janet


Hope you’ve packed the ‘wellies’ Polly, (or should it be water skis for your wheelie?)

Hope you get some better weather and enjoy the change of scenery.

I know what you mean about the wear and tear on the shoulder, I had to have an injection in my right one at the end of Nov. Hurt mine in a fall in the tent a couple of years ago and as my left arm/hand doesn’t work, like yours my right one has to do everything so doesn’t have chance to rest.

Don’t forget to take water with it! Oh sorry wrong thing to say with this weather !!! lol

Have a good one. Luv Ann

Hi Poll

have a lovely time.

Teresa. x

Hi Poll Have a really wonderful holiday. Hope you have fab weather and really enjoy yourselves. Teresa xx

Have a great holiday. Eat nice food and rest Min xx

Hope its a wonderful time…ENJOY.


Have a fabulous holiday Poll. The change of scenery will do you the world of good. I haven’t been on holiday for years, which makes even Beirut seem appealing. Meet lots of interesting people, eat lovely sinful things, and come back refreshed.



Hi Poll,

I hope you have a wonderful time on holiday. Sorry not been on the forum much (forgot my password - doh). I’ll have to see if I can catch up with you once you are back home.

(((((Hugs))))) Mary