hoist away.....

Afternoon all, not posted/replied to much lately, so apologies for that. Ok, Ive got this temporary floor hoist, until my ceiling one gets installed (months away, im told). It arrived yesterday, followed by OT with instruction session. Toiletting sling no good…it crushed my ribs, boobs and underarms. So we went for the full sling. With me in my wheelie, this is sort of how it goes; Drape sling around my back, tuck it under my botty. I have to hutch a bit for this…arms aching Pull legs parts down and strap round thighs, crossing over the tapes. There are 6 hooks which you put colour coded straps onto, on the spreader bar. Then we lift…I do use a remote control for this and go at my own speed. If anything hurts…STOP!!! So once up and swinging, wheelie is replaced with commode…I slip forward…not supposed to! Saw myself in the long mirror…words cant describe the sight....yuk helps! Then down on commode, remove sling quickly, before I wee on it! Wee done, re-sling, re-attach straps, raise me up over and back into wheelie....oh I forgot...clothes have to be pulled down, dont they? Tried this whilst siting in chair, it worked this morning, but not this aft. So had to be hoisted onto bed to get clothes/pad adjusted. Pad was all this way and that and so I yanked it out…ouch! Would it be simpler to wet myself? Getting showered, dried and dressed this morning went very well…i thought. Hubby hot and sweaty this aft…said what was a 5 minute job is now a 15 minute one. Guess who feels like a big useless lump again? Bedtime looming…here we go again. Any hoisters out there with helpful tips, please? luv Pollx

Hi Pollx. Your life sounds very hard,and i feel for you. I have know idea how you manage to make a joke of things. But i know you will get through this as well. Dont be a stranger to our site,as wee lesser mortals need your advice. Take Care. Chris

hi Polly, sorry it is a struggle at the moment lass, not sure if this is reassuring but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Not actually a hoist user but assist in transfers at work and after a while you start getting used to it and not sure if it becomes more comfortable but you become more used to it lass Take care Willie

Hi Poll Hang in there. Hope things get easier. Take care Kaz

hi poll it does seem a really difficult job, which it obviously is. i only hope that it gets a lot easier for you. you have a wonderful sense of humour and always bring a smile to my face when i read of your antics! i cant begin to imagine what its like for you but your humorous posts are little pieces of treasure that brighten the day of many people so for that i thank you. hoping that things get more manageable for you very soon. lots of love and best wishes mandy xxxxxxxxxx

hi, I hoist my hubby several days a day, it’s the only way he can transfer, so it’s bed, toilet, chair etc etc. What I would say is that portable hoists are NO GOOD!! I know you have no choice at the moment but ceiling track hoists are the only option for me and we have them in every room of the house. You say it will takes months…yes it will, if you do not PUSH them. Get letters to the Director of social services, make phone calls, make a pest of yourself. If you are quiet, they will think you are managing and keep putting you to the bottom of a long pile. I know it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be like this, but sadly it is and the sooner you get the ceiling tracks fitted the better. Ok, life still wont be easy but just easier than it is with bloomin portable hoists. Good luck!

*times a day (oops)