Morning all.

Just waiting for my rails and hoists to arrive and be fitted to help me transfer into my chair.

And one in the bathroom.

I’ll be able to have a shower for the first time in months.

Sounds bad that but can assure you I’m clean, Pat my partner gives me a wheelchair wash every night and she is very thourgh I can honestly say " NO STONE UNTURNED ".



hiya ronin


a question-do you need somebody else to operate a hoist? i know that seems a daft question but are there ones available that are maybe remote ccontrolled? after saying that you would need help to get sling on i assujme? just thinking aheasd…

ellie x

gosh-eyes bad today-excuse errors

“NO STONE UNTURNED” Ronin! Get’s in all the nooks and crannies does she…hehehe :slight_smile:

Yes nooks and crannies much more to the point.

I’m a little paranoid about not smelling, don’t want to be knowen as the smelly old man in a wheelchair…

Just a grummpy old b@#÷$r.


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Enjoy your shower Ronin, with your nooks and crannies :slight_smile: I miss a Long hot soak in a bath. I could get in but no strength to get out :slight_smile:

With you on that I preferred along hot soak but its been a long time since I could do that.

I miss hot baths, but only because I can’t stand the heat anymore. I have to have everything cool, but then I have to make sure I don’t shiver or I get hot too…bah! I have to be quite ‘well’ to have a bath, it’s a lot more difficult to get out of than the shower. I hope the hoist makes everything easier for you, so you can enjoy a good soak. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: xx

Hello, just wanted to wish you luck with your hoist.

I have been using a ceiling hoist for 2+ years now (got one in bedroom and one in lounge) They are brill, but i wish i had one in wetroom too. But the new wet room was only installed last Dec and we didnt want to spoil its Hollywood image!

I am able to sling and hoist myself…unless I start spinning and overshoot my destination!

Have fun!