Ceiling Hoist

Morning all.

A few weeks ago

I posted about hoists.

They are now installed and Pat my partner as well as myself have been trained how to use them.

At first when they where suggested I was horrified and told the OT we could manage.

Two things persuaded me, the OT asked us to transfer me to the couch.

She was quite horrified and said they were quite necassary.

One Pat was having 65 stone of pressure on her spine and two we were getting no younger.

Makes you think, anyway they are brilliant.

It’s like one of those trust exercises on a management course.

Just need some practice so that I can use it by myself.


Great to hear the hoists are up and working Ronin. Before you know it, you will be able to manage it independently

Noreen x

Afternoon Blossom.

We’ll have to stop meeting like this.

I actualy managed a shower last night.

Yipee no more nuks and crannies.


Hi,as you know I had my hoists installed 2/3 years ago. They are brill and we couldnt manage without them!

When I go up in the sling, carers say I have a serene look on my face!


I bet it was grand to feel all the water flowing over you

Great news…and exercise…and fun.

Jan x