Got new Ceiling Hoist

New toy to play with, ceiling hoist! Makes life a lot safer, no more falling over getting in or out of bed. Ah the joys of carpet time and nursing bruises will now fade into history as I March onwards in my MS journey. March is an unfortunate turn of phrase as it has been many a long year since I marched anywhere. I can’t even crawl no let alone walk so marching along with so many things that I could do are missed but will always remembered, gone but not forgotten! Ahh back to the hoist. After a few teething problems Heather has got it down to a fine art now. I stay in the sling in my wheelchair all day and Heather hooks me up and deposits me into bed. It’s blooming marvellous. My OT wanted me to have one over a year ago but I wasn’t ready and having explored all the alternatives I had to accept the fact I am at the stage where it makes sense. Oh well.


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Good news Don, if it makes life just a bit easier for you and Heather, it’s so worth it

Sonia x

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I’m so pleased it helps you both…each time we have a new helping gadget it seems hard to accept but usually we are better off for them once we get used to them!

Take care Don,

Love Nina x

Hi Don

Pleased to hear it makes life easier for both of you, no more kissing the carpet got to be good news. Onwards and upwards Don, take care.

Pam x

Well done Don , I hope you enjoy your new gadget , whenever I get something new I try to see the humour in it , it makes it easier to accept. When I was a little girl we had a good friend called Jim, he’d had polio as a child and was in a wheelchair , in those days back in the 70s things weren’t as good for disabled people . I remember Jim being hoisted into an old blue 3 wheeler car, everyone disabled seemed to have one. I thought it was such good fun as a child but years later when I needed hoisting after being poorly in hospital I was horrified and scared I kept my eyes tightly shut. I think if ever I need to use one again I will try to imagine being in a swing . Take care . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks guys it’s great to get your positive spin on things​ I am coming to terms with it now, it is hard to accept that I cannot transfer safely any more. It is another thing to help me stay independent and hopefully I can get used to it

Both Heather and I are in fits of giggles getting used to it.

Thanks everyone XXXX Don


So glad you are happy with your hoist, i think i should have one but keep putting it off.The silly thing is it would make life easier for me and hubby,its just another reminder that i can’t do things for myself. Very bored today,im going out for an hour soon in my electric wheelchair with my friend ( im not confident enough to go on my own) .I wish i wasn’t so scared of doing thinks.Take care

Don, it’s so important to feel safe.

It gives us confidence. When I’m at my dad’s I’m on edge because I can’t get my wheelchair upstairs.

Again it’s down to being ready for it. And when it arrives it’s another plus against the beast.

best wishes.

Make life as easy as possible I tell everyone that but put off stuff for myself, it is the reality of it all. I love the hoist but it is hard for Heather in different ways. I know what you mean about going out on your own I actually fell out of my first electric wheelchair 25 yards from the house

Heather won’t let me forget that or the fact I bottomed out even closer to home and was stuck needing rescuing so take someone with you and feel safe.


Steve it is so so important. I struggle with some places but it’s all down to planning and leaving when you want not hanging on for another drink or something . Your body lets you know. XXX love Don