Hi folks hope you are all as well as can be They started to fit my stairlift today And now I don’t know weather to laugh or cry ? It just sends it home that I have got worse I was adamant 18 months ago I did not need one !! And was told not to be Silly and except that it was an aid to help when needed How right was the lady from adaptations and my gp !! It’s as if they could see into the future.!!! Regards Mick .

Hi Mick, nice to see you on here hon.

I know it’s hard but don’t look back! When didn’t I need my scooter? When didn’t I need a stick? Oh blimey Mick! Let’s not go there eh?

Is the stairlift working yet? How brilliant! I almost wish I had stairs so I could have a stairlift!!! I know it sounds like I’m trying to ‘jolly you along’ which I am Mick… because really and truly I know how hard it is, but we just have to NOT look back.

Now, tell me about the stairlift!!! I want to hear all about it!!!

Pat x

Welcome aboard matey. I have had a stairlift for a while now and am lost without it when I go to visit friend and relatives who have upstairs loos! I can still just drag myself up stairs but it takes sooo much out of me (and I have to give myself time if I am on a mission).

Hubby finds it helpfull when he needs to get cases etc down as it takes the strain and saves him struggling, it also carries the sweeper up and down while hoovering the stairs. Come to think of it I think every ‘house’ should have one.

Like Pat said don’t look back (it’s better and safer to always look where you are going - not where you’ve been!)

Good luck, Luv Ann

hi guys thanks for your replys its much appreciated

its nearly finished now the bannister rails have had to be widened only narrow and the electrics have been done.

the enginear is coming tomorow to fit the lift i the latest one it recharges its self in case of power failier

iv been told its all singing and dancing top spec

im getting used to the idea it will make life so much easier and im lucky to have one as others dont .

thanks for all your support and kind words its so nice to have this board to sound off on

hugs to all mick x

Hi Mick, glad there’s something in case of power failure. Visions of you sitting halfway up the stairs for a night in a thunderstorm!

I think it will be so great. I live in a flat but but occasionally stay somewhere with stairs, and although I can manage them it’s such a huge effort. The worse thing I find is as soon as you’ve gone up or down you suddenly remember you left something behind!!! One trip seems do-able but two is really beyond the pale!

I think it will make huge difference.

Bon Voyage!!!

Pat x

Hope you find great benefit from having the stairlift.

It can only be a good thing, eh?

luv Pollx