Anyone any advice or tips on having a stairlift installed? Was thinking of getting one but not sure if suitable for someone with MS. Been advised in the past that would not be suitable for me but want to see what the general feeling is with people who have MS ??




l have had a stairlift for about 25yrs. ln fact 5yrs ago l had a ‘new’ secondhand one. We have a really good local family firm- Stannah trained who supply/service stairlifts. So if you live in the midlands then try Central Stairlifts -based in Droitwich. They do not take up much room - and are very reliable. l love mine. When l fractured my ankle - l could get to the stairlift in a wheelchair - glide up the stairs - and use another w/chair to get to my bedroom.


Hi Barbara,

The OT assigned to me said they don’t supply stairlifts to people with MS - so I told her its better that me crawling up and down the stairs (and less dangerous)! But she didn’t budge and I didn’t get one from them. So I bought one second hand off eBay and guess what even though I have MS I can use it! LOL. Its great and it gives me access to upstairs (although I now sleep downstairs).

I transfer from my wheelchair at the bottom and have a wheelchair at the top to get me around - its great.

The OT said I needed a through floor lift and yes I would have liked one but I’d have to pay for it and I don’t have the money to cover that (even though I’m working) so the stairlift was really my only option.

I’d think stairlift are fine for people with MS as long as you can transfer.

Hope this helps, Mary xxx

Hi Barbara

I have a stairlift, I had it installed in 2003, social services paid for it but they don’t do that now if you live in your own home.

When I first got it i thought it was a waste of time because it goes so slow, but I was finding it differcult to get up the stairs

Well now I think it’s a God send , because I can’t walk up or down stairs. OT knew what they were doing advising me to get one.

I’ve answered you on PPMS board as well. Good Luck.

Lynne xx

My stairlift - [the seat part was second-hand - but looks like new - even now after 5yrs] as it is a straight set of stairs - and the electrics were ‘handy’ - it cost £899 - Thought l would tell you so that you have some idea of the costs. For stairs that have a ‘bend’ the cost is much more. Do look for a local firm for a quote - as Stannah are very expensive - especially there call out charges for breakdown. ln 25yrs the only ‘breakdown’ l had was l managed to snap the switch off - l caught it on the laundry basket.