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Hello folks,

Please forgive a question about a slightly luxury problem. I own my first-floor flat and desperately want to continue living here, but I think I’m transitioning to more advanced MS and I fear the flight of stairs to get to it could become a serious problem.

A stairlift might provide a way around this if/when that problem arrives – but I would need to persuade the flats’ management company that such a device won’t be a risk in an emergency for the other occupants.

The legal entitlement seems to be ambiguous so when I approach them I’d like to be able to present some details of a good, safe supplier that could provide one that occupies minimal space on the communal stairs.

Does anybody have any clues about whom I could approach?

Thanks! Hope the arrival of autumn is providing everyone with a bit of relief meanwhile


i assume that you mean a starlift to the first floor?

i had to be evacuated from a hotel at 3am in recent months. because of this i looked a wee further into what i should be aware of for my own piece of mind.

you are not allowed to use a stairlift in the event of fire. there should be a evac chair on the premises (and someone trained in how to use it if needed before the fire service gets there)

i cant see how the management company would consider this for you cos it goes against all the things that i have read about.

just as an aside whilst looking at all this-a transit chair is not an evac chair (one place i go to regularly has a transit chair but i suspect you need a minimum of 3 folk to help with that during emergency)

its something i had never thought about until i had to wait 15 mins at the designated meeting point.

maybe ask your local fire brigade for a check/discussion? its free and i found it very helpful.



I recently spoke to my Occupational Therapist about having a stairlift installed where I live. Her reply was that stairlifts are not recommended for MS sufferers.


recently spoke to my Occupational Therapist about having a stairlift installed where I live. Her reply was that stairlifts are not recommended for MS sufferers.

Jacq. I was told exactly the same thing when SS came out to see me. They said whilst getting on and off the chair i could fall down the stairs.

fast forward 12 months we purchased one from a reputable co. I told them what SS said. The chap said poppy cock. When you are getting on or off the stairs are blocked by the chair, so you cant fall down.and hes right theres isn’t space to fall.

i think its a way to save them giving you one ?

but i can understand why maybe it would be an issue for other stair users.

good luck. Hope they will allow it ellie x

hiya tilly 2

i think you meant original poster-not me!

i used to have a stairlift but became too poorly to use it. one needs to think re weight baring, transferring and the space to do so if able. nothing seems to be easy and straightforwards with regards to this everchanging disease!


Thank you for replying and I also hope on your behalf they will allow it.


I think it would depend on the stair width. when they had to get my mum out of her house a few years ago the lift had stuck on the up position. so ambulance crew had to get another set of ambulance people to lift her up and over the stair lift. It had worked fine until that day. I think a fire officer would need to assess it. I have seen stair lifts in flats so they are durable. as to not using one with MS what a load of old rubbish. OT did just not want to pay for one. I had one fitted i paid for it, wasnt expensive just over 2,000 you couldnt fall down the stairs how? You go all the way up the top it turns on the top so you can WALK off onto the landing, and the same down the bottom. dont forget you get VAT reduction.

I hit quote… don’t know what happened lol

was trying to adress original poster and jacq.

Sorry for the confusion blame it on brexit :relaxed:

We have a stair lift, my mum uses it, she wouldn’t be able to live in the house without it. When I broke my foot I needed it to get up and down the stairs. But when I was really ill I found that it was the only way to get to and from my bedroom.

I know it was a bit expensive but we have a maintenance contract with the company to service and do repairs. We have used it a few times.


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Thanks so much for your replies; very grateful to you for taking the time. Seems like as with everything else with this all-over-the-place disease the right things to do vary from person to person. I guess I need the hospital to refer me to an OT. Thanks again, Lindesay