hoist day 3

Evening dear friends, I am overwhelmed at the depth of sincerity and encouragement re my new toy-----the hoist. Today has gone better. Hubby said, Im not going to let the bas… beat me. Come on! I must say I am very confident in it and quite enjoy being weightless and swinging freely! The main problem is the size of the thing and the amount of room needed to operate it. It is also hard to push on carpet. Ill heed the advice of a friend on here, who hoists her hubby daily…she said, keep ringing, writing, nagging for the ceiling hoist. Well, Im a good nagger...just ask hubby! But I will do it, OT said to ring housing adaptations in 2 weeks. So, theres a note in my diary. Cheers again for supporting me so well. I do need you lot, y`know! Oh there is one thing which hubby has just told me. He is on edge all the time for me and even more so as we are now in different rooms. luv Polly xxxx

Hi Poll. Good luck with the nagging :slight_smile: Have you thought of a baby monitor to ease hubby’s mind at night? Karen x

Hi, thanks so much for trying to help re baby monitor. Our bedrooms are adjacent to each other and there are no doors. We took em off, when I tried to demolish them with my wheelie! Cheers, but I dont think a baby monitor is going to help. luv Pollx

yes it’s me again ‘she who hoists daily’ !!! not JUST a case of nagging…but who you nag to!! the OT and social workers don’t have a lot of power…go to the top. Speaking with years of experience, this is the way to get things done. I’ve gone from being told things will take weeks/months to getting things done straight away. It’s who you address these things to and how you say it!! Go for it!!

Hi Polly, if i were you i would email your local mp,and tell him that you NEED a ceiling hoist some time very soon, tell them whats happening, and tell them that your Hubby has health issues too,and they will get in touch with the SS and move it on, I sent an email to my local MP and he replied back the day after, and the SS came out to me 2 weeks after, and they told me i would be waiting 6 months,so send that email today and get the ceiling hoist sooner , rather than later. jaki xx

I agree, I too have used my MP for many things. It does get things moving quickly. I would firstly write to the Director of ss though, he should be able to move things along quickly. If you don’t get a reply within a couple of days, the the MP it is!! Julie