hubby`s first night`s kip in 3 weeks

Afternoon gang...hope you`re all as well as poss.


Well the floor hoist is now in the garage, awaiting it`s return to stores. Hubby moved his bed back into our room, yesterday.

He enjoyed his first restful night`s sleep for 3 too actually!


So I have to ring tomorrow and explain why I don`t want it now....they can`t jail me for it, can they?


Oh, one kind responder said something about `is the ceiling hoist in yet` and to `tell `em to go whistle for their money.`


Sorry, no...they won`t put it in until someone agrees to pay for it first...they`re not that daft, eh?


So now it`s back to me, my turner, hubby and hoping me pins hold out.


Cheers all.

luv Pollx


Hugs to u 2!

luv POllx

Poll, I have to hand it to you, how you stay cheerful I just don`t know. Do some people good to see what you have to go through, you know the type who moan over a broken finger nail.

What an example you are.





As I said in a previous post, adult social services are obliged to provide a ceiling track hoist if you are unable to transfer. This will be means tested, but if you qualify they have to supply one. I've got ceiling track hoists in every room so speak from experience. I would speak to the top dog at SS. Hope this helps.