one happy hoister!

Afternoon pals!

Had my 2 new hoists in for 6 days now and i love `em!

What is so good is the fact that i no longer have to ask/wait for hubby to carry the previous hoist from lounge to bedroom and back again.

So when I want to sit in my recliner or go to bed, I just do it. My self hoisting usually works well, but sometimes I start spinning and cant get hold of anything to stop me, then I holler HELP!

luv Pollx

Sounds like you are having fun Poll. lt must be such a relief that you can now have a bit of independence - especially as at times your OH is not feeling too good.

All l can add is ‘Happy Hoisting Honey’


Good news Poll! It’s about time that the ‘hoist saga’ was solved! Enjoy yourself! Teresa xx

Great news Poll. Happy careful hoisting!!! Luv Linda x

So glad this has been sorted for you Poll. So much easier than keep moving it from room to room.

Take care


That sounds fab. Glad it has all worked out well. Cheryl:-)

Two hoists, eh, Poll.

Does this mean that you are going up in the world?

Glad you won, anyway.


Hoist the mainbrace!!! I believe that’s a pirate expression. We can now call you Pirate Poll…

Pat xxx

Seriously Poll, very pleased to hear they’re working out.

Cheers all for your kind replies.

Now what was that blast from the past?..Ah, I know…

Up, up and my beautiful balloon............

luv Pollx

Can hear the song as if it were yesterday Poll and can visualise you being hoisted! Teresa xx