hoist the mainbrace!!!

Afternoon gang!

Well we did it! I am sitting comfortably in my recliner by way of my new ceiling hoist!

I wrapped the sling (dunno why, but I keep calling it a shroud by mistake…oooeerr) around me whilst in my wheelie, positioned myself under the track, attached the loops onto the hooks, …pressed the ``upbutton and up I went...........then hubby pushed me along a couple of feet, then I pressed thedown` button…wheeeee!

As if by magic I was safely deposited in situ…so smooth…so easy…no strain on eith er of us…

Lucy looked on in amazement, as if to say, What the chuff is me mother doing now? LOL!

So there we are, maiden voyage complete to everyone`s satisfaction.

I`nt technology fanchuffintastic!

Can`t wait til bedtime!

luv Pollxxxx

What a difference Poll from struggling to do things, that gi normous horrid floor hoist to luxury - more necessity. How wonderful. Hard to think only a few months ago you were so downbeat about resolving the issue of moving around without your house being taken over by large contraption. G couldnt spend any more time at the bottom of the garden in that shed!

Ill bet the smile on your face is fabulous! Isnt it lovely to be able to do things again with hardly any effort whatsoever.

Happy moving about, more freedom at last Poll,

Luv bren


Thankyou Brenda. Yeh, it`s good!

luv Pollx

Sounds good.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

It sounds like it’s really great Poll. Ship ahoy! Hope it makes a huge difference and makes life much simpler! Teresa xx

Hi Poll,

May God bless her and all who sail in her!

And may all your landings be sweet ones.


Cheers Moira.

luv Pollx

Thanks Teresa.

luv Pollx

Cheers Chris…don`t miss your bedroom floor too often, eh/

luv Pollx

Thank you Mel…nah, he didn`t!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Thats brilliant, I am here with a smile on my face just thinking of you swinging around!

It will make a huge difference to both you and G, so glad for you.


Hi Pollx.

Great news, hope you have many years with your practical toy.

Take Care.


Whoop, Whoop, Whoop!

Excellent news, so glad you’re sitting comfy!


Great, you mu st be very pleased and its not too late to crack open the champers.


good on ya poll. x

Well, did you crack open a bottle of champers for the maiden voyage!!!

It sounds abolutely brilliant for you. I know you have had to work hard to get what you wanted in the end. But it has been worth it.

Thanks to the MS Society who coughed up a bit of money to help with the hoist.

C xx

Clap yer spy glass to yer eye me hearty and look out for buried treasure down the back of yer arm chair! Sounds fantastic Poll, now all you need is a parrot.


Belinda xx

So very happy for you! That is wonderful news! Flying 'round like the angel you are! Whee!

Big hugs to you!


That’s good news, Poll - well done.



well done Polly, where next that’s what I want to know, or maybe I shouldn’t ask, take good care, Jean x