hoist away!

Afternoon playmates!

I made the call to podiatry…got an early appointment tomorrow (8.20am…eeek!) for the painful toe.

Also rang hospital re the kindney scan.

I was getting very worried, as I cant transfer myself and at previous appointments, they had no equipment, hence I was literally dragged onto examination beds.

Well I was delighted to be told they do have a hoist! They even said they sometimes do scans whilst patient is sitting in their wheelie!

Then I said I was concerned about having to hold onto a full bladder for the scan. As I am having the scan due to incontinence/retention, that would be nigh on impossible. I was told not to worry about that.

I must say that phonecall has made me feel much calmer.

Good, innit?

luv Pollx

Glad to hear that they have set your mind at rest Poll! Love Teresa xx

oh i’m so glad that you’re on your way back to your chirpy old self.

but are there really two 8.20’s in a day?

carole x

Good work Poll,it’s all falling into place.Probably a poor choice of words, but hey,“Bite Me” If I’d got a couple of results like that I’d be checking that they weren’t wrong numbers.

Wb xx

Oh that’s brilliant new Poll, full steam ahead for the SPC!!! Love Sara xx

Cheers everyone! This forum really does mean a lot to me. You`re all so supportive.

luv Pollx