scan problems sorted!

eeee, one good phonecall and my concerns are gone!

I posted earlier re my ultra sound scan on 8th Nov.

i took the name of the person taking my call (advised by district nurse to do this) and expressed that I NEED a hoist…I said it again to ensure it was understood. Last time I went for a scan a couple of months or so ago, there was no hoist and no-one would admit to having taking my call and request for one.

Then I said I am catheterised and how could I drink lots of water to gain a full bladder?

Well she quickly gave me the answer and it is to clamp the tube. She asked if I could do it myself…what? No!

Just hope it isnt the type of clamp they use on illegally parked cars! Only my daft attempt at humour there!

It wasnt possible to make my appointment a later time. So ill ask my sis to sleep and help me get ready.


Hi Poll, Just read your previous posting so glad it hear that you’ve had a satisfactory call to the hospital and hope they can solve the clamping issue!! Best wishes that you get some reassuring news after the trauma of having to get ready to be there so early! I’m just awaiting the date for another MRI and hoping they dont want me there too early. Need to get ablutions, washed, dressed all done in record time if they do! Thanks again for your reply about the amitriptyline, starting it tonight with fingers crossed! Love, Dawn. xxx

Thanks Dawn.

Good luck with the amitriptyline, what dose are you starting on?


Hi again Poll, 10mg first week increasing by 10mg to 50mg if I need it. Bit apprehensive and I’ll soon rattle with Baclofen and Vit D supplements too! Take care, Dawn xx

Hi Dawn, amitriptyline varies from user to user (doesnt every chuffin`thing?).

I first went on it in 2000. I was having the most excruitiating pain in my bum cheeks and the rear of my thighs. Sitting was like torture, like sitting on jagged glass.

I went to the docs and saw an elderly locum doc. He was so nice and had so much patience and really listened to me. I said to him; Okay, so I am disabled. Okay, so I wont get better, but do I have to be in sooo much pain?`

He put me 10mg amitriptyline and it was increased to 100mg at night, before it zapped the pain! I recall having the most wonderful sleep…12 hours a night and no grogginess in a morning. Dry mouth was the only side-effect.

About 4 years ago, a neuro told me to reduce it down to 75mg, as she said 100mg was too high and caused weight gain. I did so and then she wanted me to go down to 50mg…but oh boy! Those horrendous pains returned. My GP told me to go back to 75mg and thats what Ive been on ever since.

By the way, re the weight gain. I dont believe that to be true in my case. My weight gain has always been due to eating fattening foods, in too high quantities. I can lose weight even tho` I am immobile, if I want to! I hold my hands up to that one!

luv Pollx