eeee eckithump!


Just got a letter from hospital re my scan. It is booked for 9am 9th November. yeh, that is quick.


Apart from the time being chuffin` difficult, as we all have trouble getting up, sorted and out for that time, but the rest of the letter will floor you…as it has us!

I am required to eat nor drink for 6 hours before the appointment…thats fine..........Ill be in slumber, I hope, all tucked up in me cosy bed.

Then they only want me to drink 1.5 pints of water, not have a wee!

So, how does someone who is catheterised on free drain do that, for chuff`s sake!

I have rung to speak to the urologists secretary........was only able to leave a message......well it is lunchtime and even doctors secretarys have to eat, I know. So Ill give it a bit longer, then ring again.

Ive also tried ringing the appointments to see if the time can be altered........theyre at lunch too.

I just dunno how Im gonna do what im being asked to do!


luv Pollx

Poll I guess it could be a generic type letter and wouldn’t worry too much about having your bladder full. My father who has NO bladder, due to cancer, goes for regular scans and is always told in his letter to have a full bladder!!! Quite an insult I think. They will manage to scan you regardless so don’t stress out about it. Concentrate on getting up and sort in time for appointment. Luv Linda x

Yeh, Linda, I have got it sorted and as you say…concentrate on getting up and there in time.

Sis is sleeping over as we`ll have been out for our normal weekly jaunt.

luv Pollx

Poll, you will need a ‘flip flow’ valve. Use it when you are there and they are ready for you - then drink the fluid. You can connect the valve to your drainage bag - and just ‘flip’ the lever so it flows into the bag as soon as you feel desperate. With the valve you can just let out a small amount at a time - without emptying all together.

I had to have an ultrasound of my bits down there and was told i would have to have a full bladder, the appointment ran 45 minutes late and I said to the staff that I could hold on no longer ( it was agony ) and they said it was ok. Best wee I have ever had, oh the relief !! They did the scan and said that it shouldn’t be a problem if i didn’t have a full bladder so I would say don’t worry about it too much.

Ta fudgey!


Hi Poll,

a flip/flow would be a great idea if you had the ability to hold that much but having been on free flow for a while I would suggest you might find a wee bit tricky I hope it all goes well for you.

Sara x

Hi Sara, nice to hear from you again.

yeh, I fully expect to by-pass and am taking pads and a change of clothing.