ultra sound scan

Allo chums!

Went for my scan this morning. Had to be there at 8.45am…eek!

Sis slept over so she could help me. Ususal morning carer cant come till after she`s taken her 2 young boys to school.

Sis does sleepover once a week and after lights out about 11pm, we play our ABC games. We take turns to come up with all sorts of stuff eg;

names of food we love or hate

names of fruits or veg

names of naughty words!

So last night, we knew wed better get some shut eye earlier than usual........but no, we couldnt help but play our game!

At 12.10am, we had to force ourselves to shut up (very hard for me at any time!).

Anyway, we got up at 7am and pushed me into the shower, all bleary eyed and hungry…not allowed brekkie!

Got to the hospital in good time and saw a nurse in the ultrasound gaff…she had been told I was coming and needed a hoist and a clamp for my pipe, so my bladder could fill. My requests had been heeded and acted upon! Howsabout that for the good old NHS!

As Ive been on permanent drain for 4 months, I really thought my bladder wouldnt like filling up and I expected it to spasm and by-pass, wetting me through.

There was a specially trained manual handling chappie…ever so nice…who got me onto the bed. The bed was narrow, or it seemed so as I am quite wide! I was afraid of falling off, so they let my sis sit at the side of me to reassure me…she did, bless her!

The scan was done and sis looked at the screen and said I was having twins,…one of each!

The probe made me a bit uncomfortable when it went near my bladder , but I didnt drip a drop!!! Also there was more discomfort, when the proble found a hip bone…a hip bone? Finding a bone of any kind, under my ample flesh is something to be celebrated…yiipppeee!

So there you have it. Results on Wed with my GP.

If nowt is found to have been causing that horrendous pain, the uro may order a ct scan, he said.

luv POllxx

Glad it all went well. Hope results are what you want - something easily fixable I guess… xx

Glad you had a good experience today with the NHS staff. That game sounds fun.

It sounds like organisation occurred i’n the NHS. Shock! Horror! Glad things went well Poll! Teresa xx

hi poll

at first sight the title of your post suggested pregnancy!

i’m glad that you had a good appointment.

i used to play that game with a couple of lads when i worked behind the bar at the snooker club.

the 2 lads used to want to find rude words and it was hilarious especially when they ran out of ideas.

s - sperm

t - tin of sperm

y - ye olde tin of sperm

i was pregnant and the hysterics were a forewarning of my bladder issues.

ah memories!

carole x

Glad it went well, Poll

Tracey x

Ta all.

We do play rude words too Carole. Absolutely no chance of a pregnancy…at 61 it would be a miracle, with no uterus it would be a double miracle, and with no activity to make a baby, it would a world wide phenonema!


Good luck with results on wednesday Poll

Hi Poll,

glad all went well and your bladder behaved

Take Care,

Sara x