Scan with full bladder

Has anyone had one of these? Mine is on Friday at 4pm. Apart from not eating from 10am I have to drink 2 pints of clear liquid (water/juice/black tea) an hour beforehand and not go to the loo until after the scan.

The reason why I’m having the scan is to do with urgency/frequency and for information prior to botox in the bladder. I can not see how I’m not going to embarrass myself. Has anyone got any helpful advice (apart from cross my legs!)

Sarah x

Hi Sarah Yes, ware tens lady pants! They are discrete and comfortable (sorry to sound like an advert!) And take some spares with you. Check out where the Loo’s are (more than one in case it’s occupied/out of order). Try to relax (I find trying to hold the pee in too hard has the opposite effect!) And don’t worry too much, I have had a number of pelvic scans and have never had an “accident” in the hospital (though have in a few other places, thank goodness for TLP!). Also I find it helpful to explain as soon as you get there that you have a limited ability to hold on, you may think because of your reasons for the scan that this will be obvious but it doesn’t hurt to remind them :slight_smile: Hope it all goes well


hi sarah

it sounds mad to ask someone who is being investigated for an overactive bladder to drink 2 pints and not go to the loo.

i was told that on my appointment letter but as soon as i got into the medical centre i went to the loo because prior experience told me that i would wet myself.

i told the nurse when i went in and she said not to worry, she just wanted to see how much i was retaining.

it was quite a lot to be holding given that i’d just been for a pee.

don’t worry yourself over it.

the continence nurses are lovely and only want to help.

carole x

Thanks both of you. I’ve just had a practice run!! Hopefully if they’re running on time I should be okay (but only just!). I think I’ll arrive early and drink there so I don’t get jiggled on the journey! I also think I’ll take a change of clothes as well as pads just in case!!!

Carole - it’s not with the continence nurses, it’s in the radiology department. and is a scan of abdomen and pelvis area. Apparently the bladder needs to be full so they can see everything they want to see. If it’s not full the appointment will have to be rescheduled.

I’ll be glad when it’s over… but then I’ve got Botox day to look forward to!

Take care,

Sarah x