Full bladder problem

Hi All,

I have had problems with bladder control for a while - mainly urgency (when I feel the need to go, I’ve GOT to go, can’t hold it). I have been prescribed solifenacin which has helped a bit but I still have the problem from time to time. The main problem is I have to go for a pelvic scan, (not pregnancy) and for this I need a full bladder. I have been advised to drink at least one pint of liquid an hour before the appointment time. There also mention in the letter of possible delays although I will be seen as close to my appointment time as possible. I have been practising - I can’t wait for an hour. I will need to hold for at least I hour plus scan time. I will be be so embarrassed if I wet myself in the waiting area or on the exam couch. How can I hold on for longer?



Hi, I had one of these scans recenlty. I also had urgency and retention, but did manage to do what they wanted.

Trouble was, as I am a wheelie and had to use a hoist to get me on commode for emptying, there was no pan to fit the commode. So a pan was put on the floor and I had to splash it all over the room. Talk about embarrassing!

Hope it goes well.

The scan did go well and I had a suprapubic catheter fitted a week later.


I have been for my scan - I don’t know why I worried. My bladder behaved the whole time.

Glad it went OK Anne - I always worry dreadfully if I need a scan. I recently had to have a scan for gynae reasons and was so relieved that it was a trans-vaginal scan instead of a ‘normal’ ultrasound which requires you to drink! Teresa xx

Anne have you a urodynamics test? I had problems with urgency because my bladder was over filling and not emptying properly or I’d go into retention now and again. I had the tests and they didn’t even wait for follow up appointment but referred me to continence nurse for intermittent self catheterization which has given me my life and some dignity back.

Just a thought, Cath x

Hi Anne, I was also on Solifenacin and it didnt work for me ( TOTALLY know what you mean about the hourly bit!) I was farily much having to plan my every outing to where the next toilet is? BUT I am now on Regurin…what a difference it has made to my life…

I keep thinking my bladder is OK. However when I do feel the need to go I have to go now. Is this the urgency you mention? When I do go there is always loads so now I’m wondering if I’ve lost some sensation. No accidents yet but it has come very close… xx

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I have had urodynamics tests. My bladder is emptying properly, but was not able to hold much. I was referred to a continence nurse (who has since retired, and no new one). With reatment I am able to hold alot more, but still can have episodes or urgency.


Urgency is when you get a sudden need to go and it is urgent I.e. you need to go NOW. Frequency is when you go very often, usually passing small amounts frequently. What is really important though is to see someone early if you have bladder problems as it’s better treated early. Don’t leave it because you feel you are able to hold a lot more or you’ll end up like me with a very stretched bladder, and at risk of frequent infections.

There are treatments available. If you don’t have a urologist or continence nurse please see your Neuro or GP or even your ms nurse as this is very common in ms sufferers.

Min xx