MS Nurse Appointment - bladder stuff

Well, I’ll give due warning there may be a bit too much info here, especially for those having or about to have their lunch. So those of a sensitive disposition might want to skip this one.

Some of you may recall I didn’t want or request this appointment, and had toyed with cancelling, as I believe there have been subtle changes to my bladder habits, but NOT a major issue (no wetting, urgency, infections etc.)

I get extremely anxious about hospital appointments, so hoped it was going to be a simple chat and some lifestyle advice.

So no, I get there and I’m in for a bladder ultrasound and dip test, so I’ve got to provide a sample AND empty my bladder for the scan.

I explained that I get very nervous, and already suffer from slight hesitancy - this is compounded by being in an unfamiliar loo, so I may not be able to cooperate.

She says: well, take your time, and just do the best you can.

So, I go to the loo, and struggle to pass water, but to my horror, because I’m so anxious, immediately have terrible diarrhoea! I didn’t actually soil my clothing, but am now in a right mess, and know I’ve GOT to clean myself up, because in a minute, I’ll be unzipping my jeans and exposing my lower abdomen for the scan - there can’t be any hint or whiff of pooh - the poor nurse!

So I know I said hesitancy might be a problem, but God knows what she thought could have happened to me, because I was in there an age, actually trying to wash myself with the paper towels and soap provided for handwashing!

Managed to clean myself up as best I could, and only then try again and pass a very small amount of wee - enough for the dip test. And all the time I’m in a sweat, and worrying I’ve not cleaned myself properly, and she’ll notice.

Eventually return to the consulting room, apologising for taking so long - didn’t tell her that I’ve effectively been attempting to take a bath - with my clothes still on - she thinks I’ve spent all that time just doing a wee! OMG.

Anyway, long and the short is I was perfectly correct in my own assessment there was nothing serious the matter, and I didn’t really need the appointment. I don’t have a water infection (I knew that!), and I’m NOT retaining (she said there were about 50ml still in there, but that was well within the limits of acceptability). She said, looking at my charts, I don’t have a problem with frequency either (knew that too - it’s more frequent than it used to be, but still less than some healthy people).

So I don’t know if it’s positive or negative, overall. I’m not sure it was worth the stress of the appointment, and the terrible diarrhoea incident (which hopefully she didn’t suss about) - just to have confirmed what I assumed all along - there’s no issue, and I didn’t really need a continence appointment!




I can only offer my empathy Tina.

I too have an over active bowel when I’m nervous. Last year I had to cancel a endoscopy because of it.

Glad all is well.


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Thanks Blossom,

It’s awful you had to cancel your endoscopy - although I thought you had to purge before those anyway, so nothing left to come out?

For those who don’t suffer from anxiety, it’s so hard to explain that actually, this is NOT an MS thing - I don’t have MS bowel problems, I have anxiety bowel problems! Same result, maybe - entirely different cause.



I had to fast for six hours. Camera down, looking at the stomach.

Not a colonoscopy

All because it was an hospital I used to bank nurse at. Second time it was a different hospital


Sorry, my fault for not being more precise


I had a similar appointment this week, including ultrasound, but against yours it was considerably lacking in event. I do feel your horror. But don’t worry about what the nurse thought, it’s all in a day’s work; you won’t be the first to have kept her waiting.

It’s good news that you are well, as am I - who also doesn’t retain! These tests are not much fun, but at least we get them, and on the NHS, so shouldn’t complain. Early detection is always good news - something could have been nipped in the bud.

Have a relaxing afternoon, you deserve it - but no tea, coffee, hot chocolate or alcohol, as according to a patient information leaflet I picked up, they can all irritate the bladder - I really should have left the damn thing where it was!


i know Ben. i was told to avoid coffee but i still drink it.

it annoys the bladder, well poor diddums. my bladder annoys the hell out of me!!

tina - great that the unwanted appointment is over.

relax and enjoy those spam sandwiches!

carole x

Nightmare Tina but at least it’s over with and they didn’t find any problems Right now I could do with some induced bowel movement although I’d rather not have the anxiety to go with it.

Jan x


We did discuss my coffee intake (knew that one would come up!)

She asked if I’d considered a switch to decaf. I hate it! Not just because you don’t get the “hit” - which is part of it - but it’s the slight bitterness I enjoy. That bitter taste comes from caffeine.

To be fair she did agree with me that morale is important, and the answer doesn’t always lie in giving up the small things you enjoy - people want as normal a life as possible.

So she said it was only a suggestion which some people found had helped, but she understood if I’m not ready to give it up, as she understood the small perks (um…percs?) are important. I don’t drink gallons of the stuff anyway, but think I’d really miss it if I ditched it or switched to the hated decaf. As if there aren’t enough daily reminders we’re not well, without having to forego life’s little pleasures.

Chuck the leaflet - if things get bad, you know there are things you can try tweaking, but if you’re managing OK as things are, there’s no need to feel guilty about things everyone else takes for granted. Life gets really miserable once everything starts being banned on health grounds.


Same, Carole. Bladder will have to put up with it! I’m not giving up every last thing I still get a shred of enjoyment out of, even if it’s bad for me.



Thanks Jan,

Yeah, a day I could have easily done without, really, especially the logistics problems when I was only supposed to be doing a wee.

But I suppose it’s good to know I haven’t been in denial when I’ve been telling myself the issues aren’t serious. The nurse didn’t find anything to suggest they are.

I wouldn’t wish on you the anxiety as a solution to your problem, even though it does shift everything double-quick (and I’d made sure to go before I left, as well!)



Leaflet chucked…

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Oh Tina, You must have felt so uncomfortable.

Glad your retention wasn’t that bad but rubbish that you didn’t really need to go for the appointment.

I had a bad experience when I was asked to pee in a pot so that it could b dipped. I managed it ok but as I went to stand up I knocked the whole pot onto the floor. So embarrassing.

Hope your bath went well.

Shazzie xx

I think I must be going nuts, Shazzie!

Did you do an earlier post - to which I replied - which is now not there (or my reply)?

Did you delete it? (It was perfectly inoffensive!) Or was my reply a bit indiscrete, and you felt it was (unintentionally) revealing too much about which hospital you go to?

I have come home REALLY tired, so may be getting a bit confused. If it wasn’t you, I’m wondering who the hell I did reply to, and where it’s gone. Did I crash another thread by accident, maybe?



Sorry to break to you Tina but you were talking to JBK

Where the heck as it gone

Right, that’s it, I’m officially nuts!

Why am I going to the hospital about (non-existent) continence probs, when apparently I can’t follow a conversation involving more than one person?

I can’t even blame alcohol, as there’s not been any, but I did get home in a bit of a state - I think it’s showing!

Apologies to both Shazzie and JBK that I’m talking nonsense. Early night, methinks. But demonstrating very well that the hospital appointments really aren’t worth the stress! Look how confused I get!



I don’t know. I really hope I haven’t upset poor JBK by thinking she was Shazzie! Or did I only think that because the post disappeared?

I haven’t meant any offence to anyone - I really hope I’ve not caused any.



Not at all lol. She was chatting away to you

I really wish you’d said something! She might not have been offended until I started talking about things that obviously weren’t her! If I’d realised, I could have apologised at the time. So weird the whole lot has disappeared.