MS Nurse Appointment - bladder stuff

blumming heck Tina. Don’t say that, with my memory. It was just a brief thing for me and then forgetten.

Remember the saying ‘don’t shoot the messenger’. Only remembered because you brought it up again.


I deleted mine cause it looked a bit strange having a reply to Shazzie tagged on and was going to paste it onto the bottom but my copy and paste didn’t work so my words of wisdom were lost to the ether ------ forever

Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else things they are going nuts too. Well Dame Tina, you did say your ‘nuthood’ (see what I did there) was official!!

Right - I’m off home. All this work is getting to me.

JBK xx

see reply to 16 - for some reason my paste button is greyed out.

Tina - you have to remember, I’m a portly Irish Redhead who wears glasses - it takes a heck of a lot to offend me.

Have a restful night and we can do all this madness again tomorrow.

JBK xx

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Thank god yah came back JBK. We could have been fighting in lumps here

Sorry, it’s just tickled my funny bone

Note to self, keep yah mouth shut

Aye right wee doll (said in best Norn Iron accent) - you keep ‘yah mouth shut’ - never gonna happen sweetie. Thanks why we love you

JBK xx