Bladder Scan


Can anyone tell me if you need to prepare in anyway for a bladder scan? By that I mean do you need to go to the appointment with a full bladder?

My appointment has arrived for the middle of January but the info didn’t give any preparation advice - don’t want to struggle there with a full bladder if it’s not necessary!!



Hi when I go for mine (regularly!) they ask me to empty my bladder before we begin but I never go with a full bladder- I do have a few glasses of water whilst waiting and then they tell me to try and go whilst they set things up, they want to see just how empty your bladder is when “empty” !

i was asked to have a full bladder when being checked for bladder stones but I guess you could always arrive early and top up to avoid travel issues. If on the other hand your scan is to check for any retention of urine after urinating; then in the case of a small number of men they can get an anomalous result if they try to hurry things along by drinking a lot quickly to achieve a full bladder before urinating. No idea if it applies to women.

Hi Sarah,

When I had my bladder scan it was just to see if I was emptying poperly. Or to see that what I thought was empty really was.

The nurse asked me to go to the toilet and then did the scan.

There was no need to struggle with a full bladder.


Whenever I have a bladder scan (and I have had several) I am asked to go in with a full bladder, which I hate, as having a bladder problem in the first place is not conducive to a full bladder! It helps if you arrive a bit early and then drink what is required then you don’t have to walk any distance with a full bladder. Hth Teresa xx

I am having one nexr week. The letter says start drinking two hours before and that they scan once with full bladder then you empty and they check residual volume by scanning again. Hope this helps.

when I had a bladder scan I was told in letter to attend with a full bladder, I phoned and explained to the nurse if I did that I would wet myself, so I went there with empty bladder when I got to hospital was told to drink plenty, they were not running on time I was desperate for a wee so went to toilet

guess what when I came out they were ready for me, so they had to wait for me to drink some water, I was scanned, then told to go for a wee where I was re-scanned was told there and then I was not emptying my bladder fully,

it was exactly like a pregnant women has done re-full bladder and the jelly stuff on your tummy,

Al x

Thanks for all your replies - I think I’ll go and if they want a full bladder I’ll drink when I get there, It will make the journey a bit more comfortable!!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope Santa’s good toyou!

Sarah x