what happens in a bladder scan?

Hi (anon as hate talking about this stuff)

I saw the continence nurse for the first time last week, due to both bowel and bladder problems. Have been asked to keep an input/output log (pardon the pun!) For a week and to go back next week for a double appt, when I will have a bladder scan done.

Can anyone tell me what this involves? And do I have to have a full bladder beforehand? It wasn’t mentioned, but if it’s an ultrasound (like the ones used in pregnancy) isn’t it best to be full?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I had one of these scans earlier this year, prior to my spc op.

Yes, you do have to have a full bladder for the scan and then an empty one for a second scan.

I was worried due to being incontinent, but it went off okay.

It isnt painful, maybe a tad uncomfortable.

There is another type of scan, where they can determine how much urine is left in the bladder, after emptying. This too isnt painful and can be done at your home.



It is like the ones used in pregnancy. I’ve always been asked to have been to the loo just before the appointment so they can see if I’m retaining urine. It’s clever technology as it tell them to the millilitre how much is in your bladder. Honestly it’s nothing to worry about, just hope the gel put on your tum has been warmed up!

Sarah x

Hi anon.

It’s completely painless.

They take a scan before you need the loo the you go to the loo and they scan you again to see what is left in the bladder. And that’s it.

My bladder was still quite full after going to the loo so I self cathaterise a couple of times a day.

Good luck.

Shazzie xx

Thank you ladies. Might take a water bottle with me and fill up there, don’t think I could take a car journey on a full bladder! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’ve had them from a continence nurse to see how much urine I was retaining - I had to empty my bladder (or try to) for this. If they haven’t told you to come with a full bladder, I doubt you need to. I’ve always had an instruction to arrive with a full bladder if that was what was wanted. Either way, it’s just like a pregnancy scan and not at all painful.