bladder scan.............surprising result

Hiya mateys!

District nurse has been and did a bladder scan. GP ordered it as I`ve had 4 utis this year and 4 lots of anti-biotics. they caused many wetting accidents and great urgency.

Well I was really surprised that there was a reading of 325mls. She said anythig up to 150ml is acceptable.

So we talked catheters…she was the nurse who put in and remvoed my in-dwelling one about 4 years ago. I didnt get on with it at all and persevered for 5 months.

So I am now willing to try an spc, if I can have one. GP was against it when I asked her about it recently. Nurse says there is no alternative, apart from more utis and possible kidney damage! Hell fire! Dont want that!

I am just worried about having a large tum and the tube getting sweaty! Not a nice image, I know, but worrying all the same!

I`m waiting now for a call from GP.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I have self catheterised for two years now. I hated my indwelling as it caused so many issues including repeated hospital stays.

My uro neurology peeps discussed a Super pube but I have gotten on so well with my catheters that I am happy to continue for the time being.

From what I know and was told, you should be fine when it is put in, but your urology guys will be able to answer all those questions. Mine are loveley and have sorted me out from someone who was terified about self caths to someone who now see’s it as normal.

Hope they put your mind at rest.

Hi, thanyou so much for your support and advice. It`s good.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I hope the spc cuts down on the UTIs and makes life easier for you and your carers. As you know Frances (Campion) has one and is very happy with it. She’ll fill you in about it, I’m sure. Self-catheterisation has really improved my quality of life - I hope the spc does yours. Keep us posted as to how you get on! Love Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, ta for your reply hun.

i would never be able to self catheter…too much flab in the way!

luv Pollx

Don’t say that Poll! xx

Poll, The female length catheter for a spc - is only about 8’’ - and if you use drainage bags with a direct valve - there is no ‘tubing’. This way - you can thread a lace through the eyelets of the bag and tie around your waist. The bags l use - from Manfred Sauer - have a nice cotton feel backing - so not sweaty. And they are 600ml - so they are big enough to use even at night so no need to link to ‘stand’. lts so easy to empty this way. The tap end will be by your hip - so easy to reach and pullout to empty - into the loo or a plastic bottle. So easy when travelling. What you don’t want to do is have long lengths of tubing and the drainage bag ‘velcro’ d’ to your leg. As this will cause pulling on the ‘site’ and be uncomfortable as well as not a ‘nice look’.

l’ve told you before - that l can wear very tight jeans/leggings /shorts etc without it being obvious. l hardly ever get a uti -not like pre spc. But now l have got the wonderful D-Mannose supplement - which keeps your bladder healthy. Gave some to my friend who has one uti after another. And she is off to visit her son in Tenerife next week - so was concerned that she had the start of another uti. She has tried so many anti-biotics and they no longer work for her. After just a day on the D-Mannose she was feeling better - and l saw her last night and she said the pain in her bladder has gone and she is no longer wanting to pee all the time - and her pee is now crystal clear. l ordered her the D-Mannose from amazon - and even on super saver free delivery they arrived in 2 days. The reviews are worth reading. And Moyna posted that since she has been taking them she has not had a uti for 2years after continually getting them. Thats the best review for us as it is someone we ‘know’.


Thankyou so much Frances. I value your advice and experience. You`re always there for me, when I need helping out. Bless you!

Just waiting for whats next` now.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll As you know I have had indwelling catheter for the last 5 months and have 5 UTI’s so I am going down the SPC route next Thursday. Like you I am very apprehensive about the whole thing but Frances has certainly put my mind to rest and I feel quite reassured by her positivity as should you. I hope you get sorted soon as uti’s aren NOT good. Will let you know how I get on next week. Linda x

Hi Linda, thanks for your reply hun.

Good luck with the op and ill look forward to hearing how youre doing.

luv Pollx