Self catheterisation

Sorry for the anon but this is a bit personal for me.

Self catheterisation has been mentioned in passing by the MS nurse. Not immediately but as something that I might need in the future.

What does it actually involve for women? What is the increased risk of UTIs?

When I have had UTIs or thrush etc in the past they have knocked me completely for six so if I am more likely to get them I think that I might end up sticking to Tena lady and extra spare pairs of pats in my handbag!

So much for Anon then


Well I’m a fella but I do remember my MS nurse saying the the other week. “It’s soooooo easy for women but you blokes have a bit more plumbing and some blokes have a longer route that others!”

I’ve been given three strikes and your out ruling by the nurse and have a third appointment on Thursday. Oh they give you a handy DVD to watch with a leaflet but it is not a chart topper though!

I have a list of questions as well but I’m sure “Norma” will enlighten me this week and she is even going to show me !!

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Hi Anon - I self catheterise ISC and was very shocked and scared. Struggled to do at first but now it is easy peasy lemon squeezy. It has honestly given me my life back. From going out and constantly having to search for toilets and going 15 times a day. Now I isc before I go out and then hardly have to go at all. Also last thing at night and along with desmopressin I now don’t get up at night There are a few varieties - I use speedicath complete - GP prescribes and they are delivered under plain packaging monthly. I really hope this helps. Don’t be scared its not as bad as it sounds Hugs Min xx Ps its supposed to reduce Utis as you completely empty your bladder so no smelly wee hanging around in your bladder causing infections so should be better for you

I had a real problem with this last year. I had loads of MS attacks and could’nt understand why, when I was on Betaferon. My Neuro pointed out that these were probably UTIs which I did not really belive as I’d always had my urine checked for infections; every time I had a flare up. I think he was right now as I’ve only had one this year, it was a bad one but at least there was only one.

It took a while to learn my technique but now I do it easily now.

Oh and by the way, I can’t PM you but your are anonomous, only you can see your username. I made the same mistake a while ago.

Good luck


Sorry to contradict Marty on this one but my understanding is for guys it is much easier. I have been S.C for 12 years and have had a number of UTI`s because of this. You have to pay attention to clenliness. It does help help and give you greater confidence when you are out or in company. Do not be afraid it is unfortunately part and parcel of this ruddy disease.

Don’t worry about the anon bit - we can’t see your name - but l know it comes up on your ‘page’.

Have you considered trying LDN - works well on giving you back control of your bladder - as well as far less fatigue and many other benefits. Even folk on dmd’s take it for this reason.

Just a thought


You may need to clarify the issues more. A recommendation for ISC may be made because of urinary retention. In that case extra underwear and pads wouldnt solve that particular issue. If suggested more as a way of bringing incontinence under control then maybe you could choose just to rely on ISC for occasions when you want to be sure you wont leak whilst also minimising risk of UTIs from using ISC. Botox could also be of help to you, however, botox treatment often necessitates use of ISC anyway because the treatment is too effective in dampening down bladder contractions.