missing water sample AAAAGHH

before xmas the dr asked me to bring in a urine sample to make sure theres no infections before he refers me to the continence clinic, came back all clear after A WEEK then the dr did nothing, after xmas the ms nurse asked me to hand in a urine sample in february, so i handed it in the middle of february, been calling twice a week since for the results as the ms nurse says he needs the results before he can get me in for a bladder scan to see if my bladders working properly as i keep having accidents, the drs receptionists keep saying they havent got the results back or they cant find them on the system, now they tell me to get another form and urine sample bottle from the ms nurse to do another sample so they can send it off again, i know i have a paranoid nature but it seems that when the dr asks for a urine sample to get tested its done, when the ms nurse asks it gets lost, its stupid, all i want is to get this sorted so i can have something to stop me having accidents or atleast something to cut them down so i dont feel like a 3 yr old not being able to control my own flipping bladder. is there anything to help? i use the incontinence pads to help with small accidents when i sneeze or cough, but for basically full blown accidents the pads dont do anything at all, so im now having to take a spare change of trousers and undies everywhere when i go out incase it happens which is very embarrassing.

Good morning - yes been through most of this except samples getting lost. Do you have a local walk in centre.? They should be able to test your wee there and then. No messing about with post Yes embarrassing. If infection you will need antibiotics. Hugs Min xx

Ps If you think it necessary you might be able to self refer to the continent clinic at your hospital. Give them a phone to see if you can. This will speed up the process and cut out muppetry doctors! They obviously will be able to give you a bladder scan. Very painless - make sure you drink plenty before the scan - I say this as I know I don’t drink enough and if I hadn’t drunk plenty before the scan I would have had useless ok results - go wee- have a painless scanner thing passed over tummy to see how much wee left in bladder. If over 100mls then there’s a problem. Hope this makes sense and good luck Min xx