a busy, but good day!

Afternoon all!

Well it`s been a very busy, fruitful day in our house.

Firstly a district nurse called in. I am on their books for a monthly visit, to check my skin and any other concerns I may have. What a lovely lass…as are all the nurses who visit me. She checked my heels, as they still get sore sometimes. Then we talked about a big worry I`ve been having. Podiatry have said they may want to remove my 2 big toe nails…I know…ouch and cringe at the thought!

When it was mentioned I was asked if I can transfer to the chair for the surgery. Of course I said not without a hoist. Dont fancy doing it with a patient turner after the op, incase I can`t stand at all. I was then told they have no lifting equipment, as they cant afford it!

Today`s nurse agreed with me that i would need a hoist. She said they could borrow a floor one from stores for the day. Sensible enough, eh? Then I asked about a cradle to keep the duvet off my feet until they have heeled…ooh, it still makes me shiver! This will be supplied from stores.

Plus some leg elasticated bags for showering, to keep my dressings dry, will be available to me.

So that`s all that sorted and my worries eased.

At lunchtime the lads arrived to install my 2 new fixed hoists, in place of the portable one, which is faulty. Also carrying it from room to room is a pain.

Jobs all done and tested. Fine!

Meanwhile hubby has installed a wall hung basin the bathroom, as I kept banging my toes on the previous cabinet one.

Yeh, been a fun day and now Im in bed…tired out!

Nighty night all.

luv Pollx

Oooh ouch Poll. But I’m sure it’s not as bad as it sounds and if it helps it’ll be worth it.

No wonder you’re tired out. Have a nice relaxing time now.

Nighy night hon,

Pat x

Crikey Poll no wonder you are tired out, I am just reading your post… Have a good rest now, you deserve it. Luv Linda x

Hi Poll

Hope the toe nail thing goes ok for you, hopefully it sounds worse than

it will be.

You have had a very constructive day in your house today, need to rest

now I should think. Get the telly on…football tonight…sorry! No

doubt my hubby will be finding something to do whilst it is on.

Pam x

I don’t like the sound of the toe nails Poll. Made me go all funny. Hope it is over and done with very quickly and that they sort the hoist out effectively! The new basin sounds very swish. Have a good rest Poll - ready to take on the world tomorrow! Teresa xx

Hi Poll

See you had a very busy day, stops you getting bored though! I was having problems with my heels burning because I can only sleep on my back. I have a square piece of sheepskin (I used to sit on it when I had a scooter) and now I have no problem with my heels. I have also had part big toe nails removed, mine were ingrowing. I was very nervous but everything is numbed, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Hope you have a quiter day tomorrow,


Hi, I was a podiatrist working with high risk patients in NHS for 20years…I am a bit baffled as to why you r having nail surgery…I am aware that I know nothing of your medical,drug etc history…have you had recurrent nail infections,r you in a lot of pain, how frequently does the podiatrist treat you at present…I would hope that u are not just having them removed to reduce number of visits. Who will redress them daily until they r healed…usually takes 6-8 weeks for healing

Hi, thank you so much for your concern.

My big toenails keep ingrowing and yes, also been infected too. They get clipped , but as soon as they start growing again, they ingrow and cause a lot of pain. Even the slighest touch hurts. Been seen to a few times. They looked as if they would escape being removed, but no…same trouble re-occured.

I spoke to district nurse re looking after them and dressings, she said the care will be between podiatrist and district nurses.

thanks again.

luv pollx

Hi, i used to use gel or sheepskin heel protectors, but now have an air circulating mattress supplied by nhs. I`m told it cost 3k!!

With the cold weather, i have been lying on a fleece and if the area of mattress, where my feet are, is covered, the soreness comes back. It proves the mattress works!

The podiatrist mentioned removing the sides of the nails. isnt it better to have the whole nail off?

luv Pollx

Football fan? nah, not for me ta!

luv Pollx