tomorrow eeeeeek!

afternoon guys!

tomorrow is a scary day for me…Boudica doesn`t feel to brave!

I am having toe nail surgery…I know, makes you cringe, dunt it?

They wil be removing the sides of my right big toenail and I am pooping mesen!

Sis is going with me to the clinic and then staying overnight with me.

Not a happy lass, not happy at all.



Ooooow All I can say Poll is good luck & I will be thinking of you, all day now!!! Let us know how you get on, it’ll be over this time tomorrow Tracey x

Best of luck Poll, try to be brave and don’t

Jan x

Just think of the relief - afterwards Poll. Not nice is it - ingrowing toenails. l bought some nail softener for mine - and l have managed to cut them down the sides. When l had the chiropodist come to see to them l could not keep my foot from leaping about every time he touched the nail. So l did it by putting the softener on for a few days - then used some of the lnstagell to numb it. Thankfully they have not grown back.

You will be alright - l am sure you will see something humorous about it the next day.

l had to have my big toenail removed - some years ago - after my horse trod on it and squashed it. The pain went as soon as they removed the nail - and it was not long before it grew back. l think what they do to yours will prevent it happening again.

Be thinking of you

Hope it all as smoothly as possible, Poll. xx

Hope today’s going well for you! Be brave (you can do it!) and the best of luck to you!

Oh no! I had that done before, was horrible :frowning:

Hello! I`ve survived it!

I was terrified and when my carers came in this morning, I hid under my duvet and said Polly had gone on a cruise!

But they made me get up and go!

As I was drying my hair, the clinic rang…we a thought they were cancelling my appointment…but no, they`d had a cancellation and asked if I could go earlier…so I did.

When I got there and was asked how I was, I said terrified and they asked why…wonder if they`ve had it done!

Anyway, the anaesthetic needles were soooo painful…I nearly jumped out of my wheelchair!

But I didnt feel the surgery and kept my eyes tight shut! I bled quite a lot and they told me I am a bleeder…I said hubby would agree with that!

At home now, in my recliner with feet up…Sophie wants to jump all over me…noooooo!

Gotta go out tomorrow…seen a nice jacket in Matalan, for my jollies to Barcelona in Sept and my cruise next May…nice things to think about, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Glad it didn’t hurt too much!

I’ve just been told this morning that I’ve got to have it done too in about 6 weeks time. I think I’ll keep my eyes shut too.

How big is the dressing - could you get your normal shoes on afterwards?

Hope you get what you want on your shopping trip.

Sarah x

Hi Sarah, no I doubt very much that normal shoes would go over…or be comfy…the dressing. But my lvecro sandals go on okay.

Are you also just having the sides removed? They say it is quicker to heal and will solve the ingrowing toenail problem…well that`s the plan anyway!


Glad you get through it ok! And that you’ll be able to get something on your foot for going shopping! Hope what you want’s available and on sale :smiley:

Yes, just one of the sides of one big toe.

My son had it done about 5 years ago when he was 17. The nurse told us then to get a pair of slippers one or two sizes bigger, easier said than done when he was a size 12 already! But today she looked at the shoes I was wearing and said “you should be okay” so I didn’t know if things had changed and I didn’t think to ask for some reason. Sandals seem like a good idea.

I’ll be interested to hear how the recovery goes. And I hope the puppy doesn’t jump on it too many times!

Sarah x

Hi Poll, so glad it’s all over for you hope you are resting well, not a nice thing, was cringing thinking of your poor toe (& you!!!) take it easy Tracey x

Glad it went well for you Poll. I’m having a pedicure on Saturday and I know she’ll want to cut my ingrowing nail but I seem to manage by leaving it and cutting a v in the middle to alleviate the pressure. Am I just making things worse?

Jan x

Well done Poll!

When I had mine done I had my eyes closed from the minute I went into the clinic until I came out. Had a bit taken off from each side of each big toe. It was painless and healed beautifully.


had a good painfree night. Took 6 paracetomols yesterday, at 4 hourly intervals, then 2 at 8 this morning and again at noon. No pain…just a tiny tweaky tinge!

I expected my dressing to be bloody this morning…not a spot!

Been out, but didnt like the jacket at matalan, so got nowt. But parcel arrived with sun dress and kimono jacket…nice!

So far so good, pod lady coming tomorrow to change dressing.


Pod lady like… body snatcher? :open_mouth:

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Chin up sunshine - that jacket will appear from some other place,

Mary x

Poll, Glad all is well - Don’t worry about the jacket. l do like the Kimono jackets. l bought my daughter one from Avon - she loves it - very up to date Poll. lt has a ‘fringe’ around the bottom. Nice way to cover up your arms - when needed.