waking up tomorrow is going to be awesum

Had my appointment this morning at breast clinic- all clear so is musclar or hormonal - evening primrose tablets being swallowed as we speak

Finished work yesterday-

so when I wake up tomorrow morning its a whole new start to a whole new care free (ish) me. Angus is powered up and ready for the off, Seamus has been superb at walking along side on a lead but he does insist in getting in the footwell when i stop-bless him

Poppy needs a lot more practice before we can go out in public- i had a pony rodeo’d like her once she is going to need a few pound of sausages as enticements i think

feel absolutely shattered but so happy- finally given my self permission to be me-

have a good day all

BC xx

Hiya BC

What a wonderful post-am sat here grinning for you!

Life IS wonderful! Sometimes we focus on the annoying/frustrating/ negative stuff whereas we should be celebrating that we have a life to live and enjoy

Ellie x (still with huge grin!)

Hi BC,

Hooray! It’s great to read some good news. Buy yourself a box of chocolates, and turn the music up loud!

Best Wishes,


Woohoo nice one BC. Very pls about clinic outcome for you.

Dont forget the new free time is NOT so you can go on a mad spree catching up with all those jobs you have been meaning to!!!

Head for the hills with a huge smile on your face.



Good for you BC! You enjoy your well deserved retirement. Now you have the time to pace yourself, go at your own speed and look after yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

Great news BC from the breast clinic! The evening primrose oil is what I take and if it is hormonal it does help. Some months better than others! It does take a couple of months to kick in though. Take care, Teresa xx

Hey BC fab news re clinic…I had a scare a couple of yrs ago…but they were swift and cant fault the clinic I was at…got results same day.and no waiting around…must be a huge relief…glad the furries are getting used to things…you may find walking them on harnesses better and youll have more control than collar and lead…I also use couple leads…cuts down on what you have hold onto…lol

Em x

BC, wonderful news, chuffed to bits for you

Luisa xxx


Enjoy that “me” time. When/if it gets a bit repetitive, there are loads of new things to try as well as old things to try and do again! Plus load of new friends to make.

Retirement is goooooooood!

Karen x

What a relief, what a lovely beautiful day, and life. Im so very happy for you.

Enjoy your loyal friends who will sense your joy at such a relief.

Its not often we can say what you do now. thank you for sharing,



Thanks everyone- its amazing the things you learn about your self- i always thought that me having a ‘brilliant new work plan’ ment i was feeling better but now I know its because i need to grab control of something and so now if I start planning ( its a huge habit!!) i stop and try and think what it is im worrying about. im hoping that wil help me chill and just go with it and eventually ill get used to facing my fears about my M.S and restrictions , I cant tell you how brilliant the M.S helpline people are- if I hadnt spoken to them i can imagine id be on the path I was on for a very long, unpleasant time.

I PROMISE not to over do it- tomorrow is sending out the last few orders, walking the dogs, baking some buns and chilling with a good book. Ohhhh i cant wait !!

Have a lovely evening all

BC xx