Self management course

If this post comes up twice, then fault.

Anyway, didn`t get to the course which started 6th Oct.


Why? Cos I couldn`t get off the chuffin` loo...and needed to stay near it for a few days after!!!


Then I realised that trying to get anywhere by 9.15am is just asking too much of myself now.


The alternative course ran in the afternoons, finishing at 4.30pm.


Don`t reckon that`s a great idea too, as I`d be half asleep and taking nowt in by 3.30pm.


Are most of you the same, or am I just making pathetic excuses?


What`s your optimum timing for attending anything? mine is around 11am - 3pm. Outside theose hours, i`m just not me!


luv Pollx


ps. who do you think will go from Strictly tonight? nancy? She did do better, but i reckon her number is up.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll


I am with you, no point trying to get out before about half ten in the morning and no good after about two in the afternoon.

What I normally do is if I have to go somewhere later that two i try to rest in the morning.  anybody reading this would think we were ancient!  Sucks doesn't it?

I'm batting for Robbie Savage to win.




Hi Poll,


I'm with you too.  I've got to take the cat to the vets for a blood test at 9:30 tomorrow morning - it's nice going to a medical appointments that isn't mine!

The cat has to have a blood test because to check her thyroid levels as it's overactive and got worse recently.  So the dose of pill has been upped and checked.  If you have a cat who starts loosing weight, being sick occassionally, has 'loose movements',  goes syco chasing her tail round and round and round at great speed and is always begging for food get their thyroid levels checked!

But should I warn the road users between home and the vet's surgery that I'll be out and about and yawning?  The roads are quite quiet that time of day, though.  Everyone's who has to get to work or drop the kids off has finished thier jorneys by that time.  



I intend to have a nice little 'nap' when we get back home from the vets - after I've fed the cat and given her her daily tablet.  We will probably then curl up together sleeping

I don't have much choice, I'm up and out getting my eldest son to school for 8.30am every morning, but my youngest is up at 6am most days so I have loads of time to get ready :rolleyes:. Hoping he will grown out of this soon!

I'm on my knees by lunchtime when I can get a sit down for half an hour or so, then back on the go until I pack the monkeys off to bed at 8pm. I don't have much evening left after that zzzzzzzzzzzzz lol


my cousin is fitting a new front door for me and is comming at 8.30am it has killed me to get up i dont do mornings?

Thanks for your reply…glad i`m not the only one who is useless at times!

Hope pussy gets herself sorted out…with your brass tho`, eh?

Our little poodle Lucy, was really ill a bit back and cost mega bucks to put right, but it was worth it. She still with us, is my shadow and sooo snuggly.

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx.

Sorry you where not able to attend the SMP,as they do help, i think anyway ,got to go into it with an open mind.

I am the same regarding time i need a good two hours to get ready,if my appontment is 9 i get up 7 and so on.

Sorry you are still hoistless,is it your on house or council if it is council they have a duty to put it up,i think.

Glad to see you are using the site more,i am still finding it hard, but will get there in the end.

Take Care.



Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I feel for you, having to cope with a young family and this bloody monster.

Yes, I am able to get the rest I need most of the time.

look after yourself,

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I find that I could happily sleep until 10am, pooter about for 4-5hours then nap 'til 7, eat and pither around til 9 when zzzzzzzzzzz.

On days when I HAVE to get up in the morning, then as soon as my butt hits the comfy chair of napping on return I'm gone unti my OH or the cats require feeding!.  If I have to go out in the afternoon I make a concious effort not to get up until I really get bored of looking at the ceiling!  As soon as I get in yet again the dreaded chair beckons zzzzzz

I recon it shouldn't us who have to fit in with others schedules, they should darned well accomodate oursthumbsup