phew sorted!!!!

Blimey, it dont half bring it home, just how dependent I am on others!

Daughter texted her dad this morning and asked if he could go baby and dog sit, later this month, so she and fella can go away for 3 nights. They live around 80 miles from us.

Now as you know, I am taken on short hols with my carers and OH stays at home with our pooch.

So we set about working out a timetable…thinking it may not be possible to get me 24 hr care cover.

It wasnt looking like it, as carers have other lives when they`re not with me…of course!

But with a jiggle here and a poke there (nowt rude ta!) I think we`ve cracked it.

Aside from putting me and dog into a wife and dog short break hotel…we`d have had to say, sorry, no can do.

And there was me and OH, feeling all redundant as far as our kids and grandkids are concerned.

I can be left alone for an hour or so…but with zilch mobility, temperamental bowels and a pesky spc at times…it makes you realise, eh?


ps some may ask why cant they come to us? Thats cos it is during school term time.

Well done Poll. I don’t really like the thought of you & Sophie in a sort of boarding kennel for the disabled plus pooch. Although the idea makes me smile. And I’m certainly not going to mention it to my OH. Just in case, I don’t want to suddenly find myself staying in a cattery whilst he has an ‘old chaps on holiday’ type of trip away.


hee hee Sue. Maybe we could get a room for both of us plus our pets, eh?


Oops, I thought it was funny so I told him!! What have I done? Looks like it’s me & you, Sophie & Monty eating pedigree chum n whiskas. Mind you, our local kennels does cats too plus they have a hydrotherapy pool for dogs. Wonder if they’d mind …

Who? The dogs, or the staff! Lol!

That’s settled then…except I don’t fancy pet food…wouldn’t mind the pool tho!


I’m pretty sure they’d have a hoist. They’d need one for the doggys. Mind you, I might have to lose some weight first. At the moment I’m sure I weigh more than a Great Dane!!