as it `appens

Hi all.

Hope the title of this new thread grabs your attention, cos I`ve got a great idea.

I just hope the mods dont strike me off, cos it`s rude but soooo chuffin funny!

As some of you know, I`ve been having care agency problems.

Well I have served `em with 2 weeks notice of my intention to terminate my agreement…and this after only a few months.

My carer is fantastic…the lovely Jayne. She`s a trooper and we get on fantabulously!

So I`ve had calls to and fro with other agencies and really, I see a big fat opening for starting up my own. And the name I have chosen is SXXXT HAPPENS.

Make what you will of the title. I think it is appropriate in caring.

Ok, ok, I know a lot of you have never had that wonderful experience of a bowel accident. Well I hope you dont. But I have…and nice it is not…but inevitable it is for yours truly.

So why not be like a true Yorkshire lass and call a spade a spade…which could come in useful when the doo dah happens, eh?

You know, Im smiling to mesen abaht this..its funny!

I can be funny about my own loo accidents.but not about anyone else`s,so no offence meant guys.

Anyone want a carer?

BTW got a new outfit in the offing.


made me snigger, good luck with the business plan or getting investors. Only those with a suitable sense of humour should apply. Keep smilin’ Mick

Hi Polls

But who cares for the carers?

we do!


you made me titter polls!

oo titter ye not.

carole x

nowt wrong wi` a good titter or two