care agency

Had a meeting with someone from a care agency today.

Very nice lady, asked lots about me, my condition, my likes and dislikes etc.

She has someone in mind and is bringing her to meet me next week.

If all is well, my new carer will start on Thursday, whilst being supervised by senior care co-ordinator.

I have a good feeling it will work, after 9 months of problems with a 2nd carer.

Wish me luck.


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Good luck Poll! About time you had some, sounds really positive xxx

Best of luck Poll, fingers crossed you like the look of this one and feel you can get along with her.

Looking forward to meeting my new carer and fingers, toes, legs, ears and eyes crossed for a good result! Cheers all!


Good news Poll. I shall too be crossing all for you.

Wendy X

hiya poll

hope u ‘click’!

i have had 4 regular carers for 3 yrs and was introduced to 2 new ones last week-one cracking, other mmm will see!

not everybody gets on with each other-that would be weird! its important that u do like each other-as u know!

hope it works out for u!

ellie x

Ooooo it’s really quite exciting Poll!!

I really hope this proves to be positive and you find what you need

Got everything crossed for you and wishing you all the best … roll on next Thursday…

Hopefully this will be your happy ending to your horrible carer saga x