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Hi all.
After posting my carer vacancy on fb and all my local groups, I’ve hit a wall!
About 20 showed interest, with 3 interviews, 2 no shows and no one suitable, I am now turning to the Job Centre for help.

What a nightmare it is, as many of you know eh?

Hubby isnt to well and my existing carer is taking a well earned holiday soon, so I am reluctantly asking Social Services to put me in a home for the week, if I dont find a new carer.

Great life this MS lark, innit?

Oh Bouds what a nightmare for you I am so sorry I don’t have any advice as to what else you can do.

There are always adverts here for carers but nobody seems to fill the vacancies I just don’t know what the answer is.

Wish I could offer helpful advice but please take care and hopefully your hubby will feel better soon.

Pam x

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Do your social services not have an approved list of carers for you to employ yourself. Or at least agencies who will visit? I know where I live in Notts the last thing they want to do is put someone in a home. I’m not an expert I only do the finance but I have picked up a few things after four year on the job. Good luck with it :hugs:

Bouds, what a dilemma for you.

Just a thought, who do hospitals use for bank nurses, I wonder if they have a list of carers as well?

This may be totally irrelevant but when my children were small I approached the local council for a list of registered private childminders, again I wonder if they have the same for carers.

Sorry, I can’t be of any more help, I hope you get sorted.

Hi Gail. Ii’ve got that list and only 1 out of 5 were suitable.I rang her and told her what I need, but she couldnt fit me in.

Since posting, my local hospice, where I go regulary, rang me as they’ve had a cancellation for the week I need!

There goes God…always blessing me.

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Whoops, see I pretty much suggested the same thing as GailMarie…

Pleased to hear that things have worked out.

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Brilliant news Bouds so pleased for you.

Pam x

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