Carer/PA starts tomorrow

I have a carer starting, well looking at the time, today…! This is going to take some getting used to. I resisted agreeing to a carer for as long as I could but after having several falls and having to call an ambulance out twice this year because the falls were bad (and being unconscious on the last one made me agree) I must admit I am a bit scared. I now need help to have a shower and to get dressed. This is going to be awful having someone in to wash me and put knickers and socks on me…! I have drunk nearly a bottle of wine and its gone 1 in the morning - how stressed am I…??? I really should go to bed but, this whole situation is just crap. On a more happy note anyone still awake must go and look at the meteor shower taking place NOW - we have clear skies and its a perfect night to stargaze and watch the shower.

Hi How did you get on with your carer - was it better than you were dreading? I hope you weren’t too hungover after your wine! Jane xx

Hi Hope all went well with the carer? At least you have accepted that you need help which is a big step for you. I’m sure it will get easier when you get used to the idea. Take care Linda x

Hi, I understand your feelings about a carer starting.

I`ve had carers for just over 2 years now.

At first, I would be out of bed, showered and half dressed before she came. Then I felt more relaxed with her. She was an auxilliary nurse, so had lots of good experience.

now she is so many things to me, my carer, my confidant, my friend, and we often have great laughs about all sorts of things. She does personal things for me and nothing fazes her! She occassionally sleeps over to cover when my sis is away. That took a bit of getting used to as well.

But both hubby and I know we did the right thing asking for extra help.

Im sure youll feel the benefits too.

luv Pollx