naffing faffing fumps!!!

Today I was supposed to be having my care plan reviewed. I`d been told a good month beforehand, so had all that time to get worried about it, incase my hours are cut.

Then at 9.40am, I get a phone call to say the appointment will have to be re-scheduled as the woman who was coming had rung in sick!!! Oh I did curse and shout!!!

I dont know when she is coming and the angst will continue.




Is there only one person that could do your review, is there really no contingency plan in place for such inconveniently timed bouts of illness!

Doesn’t seem fair really that you’re made to wait and worry further!

So sorry Poll really hope you’re top of the list and this weight is lifted soon x

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Why oh why oh why, do these buzzards keep doing it to us? As if life isn’t hard enough. But having to live with worry day after flipping day. I’m sure it’s not the assessors fault (although it is a Monday - traditionally a day for hangovers disguised as illness!) but that doesn’t help poor Poll does it.

I hope it’s rescheduled soon and that you don’t drive yourself even more batty than usual worrying about it.

Sue x

Guess she must have had a great weekend and “over done it”. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for a re schedule Polls x

Grrrrr indeed, I know this stuff happens but it is flippin’ annoying and incredibly frustrating, I wish I could make it better. Sadly I can’t but I can and do sympathise. Fingers crossed this gets resolved quickly.

all the best mick

I haven’t had a visit from Direct Payments staff for a couple of years…Last year i got a phonecall cos they were unable to come out to me, due to staff shortages.

The phonecall asked if i was happy with my care plan. I was! I still am! Why can’t they just do it that way again?