this morning`s re-assessment

Afternoon pals!

Well i am chuffin` gobsmacked. In fact my gob has never been so smacked!

Social worker came today re my request for a re-assessment of my needs, following last week`s disaster.

She was a very nice, understanding lady and apologised for what she was about to tell me.

She said that all clients who ask for a re-assessment have to be told they could lose some of their existing funding!!!

Sis was with me and were both aghast at this.

We went through my wish list. She said she was doubtful that I would get funding for some of the things and that she was sure I would defintiely not get it for certain others.

After talking for 2 hours, i decided not to pursue the claim at all!

I certainly do not want to lose what I currently have and can well do without yet another headache!

So there you go folks. If we ever have another situation where hubby is incapacitated, i`ll stay in bed and call an ambulance.

I wont be calling my daughters, after the way they have both talked to me and hubby. I know I can rely and call on is, should i be in shtuck again!

That`s all folks.

luv Pollx

Meant to type sis instead of is about reliance on her if needs be.

luv Pollx