tomorrow`s stuff!

Hiya gang. Not been as involved in the forums as much as I use to be.

Sorry for not being as supportive as I would like to be.

I am so damned preoccupied with my chuffin bladder and its unpredictable behaviour.

I had to call a district nurse out again on Sunday, to change my blocked catheter.

Normally I have my spc changed every 6 weeks. But the last 4 changes have been at 3, 5, 5 and 2 weeks! Plus I have daily really painful spasms, which cause me to wet myself! Honestly, it is demoralising and maddening to boot!

Tomorrow I am having a flexible cytoscopy (I know, crazy and scary sounding, innit), where the urologist will take a look inside my bladder to see what`s going on.

I am really, really dreading it, as I will be awake…general anaesthetics are not used for this. Also, yeh I know I`m being irrational, but there is a teeny tiny bit of me that is worrying it might be something serious and not just a general build up of grit and gunge.

I have thought about not having a catheter and with wetting accidents, have decided that wouldn`t be any good. Sitting in wet nix, pads, tenas feels uncomfortable and not the way for me.

So, I know youll all be thinking of me and willing me not to get so tense........Il just have to grin and think of Engand as they mess around with my undercarriage. Oh, they do use a nubbing cream.

luv Polx

hi poll

will be thinking of you.

it’s a difficult time but my warrior friend, you can make it through this.

good luck

carole x

I will be thinking about you Poll…stay strong


Hope it goes well for you Poll, I gave an ironic smile when you said “worrying it might be something serious” of course I know what you mean but it’s odd that we kind of get used to our conditions and stop thinking of it as serious.

Best wishes

Jan x

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Hi Poll

Hope it all goes well for you, and they sort it for you, as you really have been going through it of late (((((hugs)))))

Like you I have not been on the forum so much, I found it so difficult to do after it was updated, and haven’t used it so much since, sad really.

Chin up girl, my thoughts are with you.

Pam x

Oh Poll. You will be ok. I know.

Just smile through it sweets. Think of nice thoughts.

I will be thinking of you hun.

Shazzie xx

Wishing you the very best Poll big hugs coming your way xx

Just a thought, I only learnt the other day that I should be turning my SPCath twice a day to reduce any crystallisation I’m very lucky & have had no problems with it, even though I haven’t been turning it…just normal washing that you’d do in the shower anyway…just thought I’d mention it!

Rosina x

Lots of hugs for tomorrow from me too hun.

I’m sure you will be back on your chariot in no time

JBK xx

Hi Poll,

i haven’t been on here much either. I am struggling to cope with how my life has changed. You and many others on here have given me so much support. I had uro dynamics testing last week I don’t wish for another one any time soon. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and it all gets sorted for you. Sending you big hugs. You take good care of yourself



Good luck. When I go for these explorations I just think that this is what these guys do day in day out.

Ps when I was having problems with spc they tried different catheters , can’t remember the diff types but there is a synthetic one / rubber etc , but sure your district nurses have tried that. I find caffeinated drinks really irritate my bladder so try and avoid these and hit the water!

Anyway gd luck

Not sure what time your appt is Poll.

Let us know how it went. Hope they get you sorted soon.

Be thinking of you.

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll. Sorry to hear that things aren’t so good. Good luck for tomorrow. Hoping things go well for you.

Glynnis x

Good luck for today Poll, hope they get you sorted out soon. We need our cheerful Poll back asap

Tracey xx

Hope it all went well today, Poll, and wasn’t as bad as you expected. Schoey23 has it right, it’s all in a day’s work for these guys, and if they found something interesting, you probably made their day

Hi friends.

  1. Well yesterday was very trying, as well as tiring !

Besides me getting all unnecessary about the appointment, my sis’s, who was going with me, hubby was taken into hospital in the night, as he had collapsed. A spinal tumor was suspected, so there was all kinds of flap going on. He is still in, having lots of tests, but an MRI came back normal.

Anyway my appointment at 2.15 happened at 4.30! I had requested a hoist and the nurses looked terrified when it arrived with no trained operators. So of course it was up to me and my last minute stand in carer, to show them!!! What’s new? Nowt!

The outcome of the very painful procedure, is that my bladder is too small and the opening to my urethra is too big!!! Hence all the floods!!

There was no build up of gunge, which kept blocking the catheters, but the edge of my urethra looked like it was fraying! There was some fluffy looking stuff floating around. No explanation was given, except to say that the urethral catheter I had for 5 months, about 4 years ago, will have stretched the opening.

I asked if my bladder could be stretched…no, it would bleed too much. I asked if a stitch could be put in to reduce the fraying… Yes it could. I asked if botox would help…yes it would.

But before those, I am now on betmiga, a strong med to reduce bladder spasms for 2 months and then I go back and see how I am.

I did see 3 marks on my bladder wall, which doc skimmed over and I said “what’s those? Please will you go back?” He did and said they were scars from when the catheter tip had stuck in, causing bleeds.

So there you have it guys. Interesting, eh?

Luv pollx

Sorry to hear about your sis’s hubby Poll. Glad that the MRI came back ok though. Fingers crossed they will sort out what went wrong for you all.

Blimey, your experience sounded a bit cave man like. Must have been really traumatic for you. I was cringing when I was reading it. I am glad it is all over for you (for now anyway). Hope the new meds help sweets.

I have been thinking of you all day.

Shazzie xx

Sorry to hear about your sister’s husband Poll, hope it turns out to be nothing too serious. Good news so far, with negative MRI.

Sounds like yesterday was quite a stressful and painful day for you Poll. At least it seems like they can do something to improve things for you, regarding the SPC. Small comfort maybe but it’s something positive, isn’t it Poll?



OMG Poll, what a traumatic time (((((hugs))))). I hope the meds work for you, and also your brother in law.

Time to rest and recover Poll.

Pam x

Nightmare time you’re having Poll, I hope you get sorted out soon and your brother in law has a speedy recovery.

Jan x

sumat i forgot to tell you…and this is a doozy!

when i was back on the ward and the nurse and my carer were dressing me, i felt very uncomfortable in the area where my left bottom cheek meets the top of my thigh. they both said they couldnt see what was causing the problem. i persisted as it really was a horrible feeling.

lo and behold, when the nurse looked again, she found a plastic syringe…the one they used to numb me…no needle, thank heavens, but it was left there and hardly any was used out of it…do you think it wasnt used, misplaced and forgotten about?

if so, no wonder it chuffin urt!!!