so tired

Hi chums!

Just wanna little moan…nowt much really in the bigger picture. I`m just soooo tired!

Gonna have my kidney scan on 6th June, prior to operation for supra pubic catheter.

I`m needing to wee every 1 to 2 hours in the day and the nights give me no respite. Last night i had a wee at 11pm, then 1.30am, 5.30am and 8.30am.

Now my big toenail is really painful. I`ve been having podiatry clip and pack my big toenails, as they tend to grow inwards, every 3 weeks. I didnt make the next appointment with the bladder issues.

They were doing really well, but not now. All sore and nasty looking.

So I``ll ring tomorrow and ask for an urgent appointment. i know it is gonna hurt…quite a lot…but it has to be done.

I just hope we can get it right again, without surgery.

Poor Pollyxx

Oh Poll, Roll on that spc op! I really feel for you having to go so frequently at night. I’m not surprised that you’re so tired! Fingers crossed that all is done very soon after the 6th of June. Hopefully they’ll sort your toenails out quickly too! Keep your chin up - you’ll get there! Love Teresa xx

Hugs, dont know if this will post as im not havin a lot of lukc this eve, think im doin sometin wrong :frowning:

Well you must be doing something right, as i am reading your reply!

luv Pollx

Thanks Teresa.

Only had to get up once last night, at 4.30am.

Toe is chuffin` sore. Got an 8.20am urgent appointment tomorow. Have to kick my butt to make that time.

luv Pollx

Hope it goes ok tomorrow Poll and reduces the pain. Awful hour to have to be up and out!

Thinking of you hon,

Pat xx

Oh angel, not nice. Sometimes it feels like it all goes wrong at once :frowning: I’ll send some healing your way. Love Sara xx

Thanks Sara.

luv Pollx

Oh Poll, you are so chirpy and encouraging on here, sorry to read that you are having a grim old time. Keeping fingers crossed for your feet and your bladder that it’s all a lot more comfortable and manageable soon - roll on that spc operation!

sending positive thoughts,

Max xx

Very best of luck Poll. You deserve a break. I’ll be thinking of you.



Hi Poll

All the best sweetheart and lots of positive thoughts and LUV coming your way.

Very best m’dear xxxxxxx

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it.

Been and had the toenail clipped and re-dressed. Boy did it hurt!!!

In bed again now, after the horrendously early appointment.

Dont wanna put any weight on the toe or bang it.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, poor old you it seems like one thing after another for you lately. Hopefully when you have your spc fitted things will improve considerably and you will be able to get some good sleep. I bet your weekend in Blackpool seems a distant memory now. Hope you toe is feeling a bit easier today, keep your chin up. Anne x.

Ta much Anne.

luv Pollx

Oh poor you Poll sounded very painful. Hope you get some decent rest tonight. Take care and rest up. Luv Linda x

(((((((())))))))) & xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Catherine

Brave Boudica putting up with all that pain.

Hope you feel much better soon and the pain goes away.

Pat x

Hi friends.

spent the day in bed, caught up on a bit of sleep.

Engineer rang to come service my air mattress…I said not today ta. Im on it!`

tomorrow is another day.

Can you remember who said that famous line at the end of a classic film?

luv Pollx

Hi there, Yaaaaawwwwnnnn! Snap! I’ve been inspecting the insides of my eyelids all afternoon too! I got up to let the cat out then after a squint at the washing up, got straight back in. Oh well, as Vivien Leigh said at the end of Gone With The Wind, “after all, tomorrow is another day”!

Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind of course!

OK in what film is the last line ‘Nobody’s perfect’?

Pat x