So fed up

Hi , I have had a uti for 3 weeks now, first lot of antibiotics didn’t touch it so now I am on another 7 day course of some different ones. Just to finish me off when at the gp’s last week I mentioned and showed her a mole on the back of my neck that has changed, she said mmm we had better refer you to hospital, so tomorrow off to see a dermatologist. I really don’t need the worry life sometimes is a sh–t. Just needed to rant.

Hi, i just want to wish you good luck with your hospital appointment tomorrow. On a positive note (and I know you are probably finding it hard to be positive just now) is it not better that you get the mole looked at as quickly as possible. Tomorrow you will be someway to knowing what it is.


Thanks Cheryl, yes you are so right, fingers crossed it will all be ok. Thanks again Karen x

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear you're having such a rubbish time at the moment. What you've just had wasn't a rant just a little dribble!!

Do let us know how you get on tomorrow at the hospital I'll be thinking of you (((((HUGS))))

Let's hope the new antibiotics work, sometimes it takes a different one to do any good.

Try to keep your chin up as we need your great comments on here. scared2



Yes, I have my fingers crossed for you too, let us know how you get on please, and one more thing, well done on showing your gp the mole in the first place because some people tend to put these things off.


Thanks Janet and I will let you know how I get on, and thanks again Cheryl will keep you updated too. Xxxx

Hi, Cheryl and Janet went for my app with the dermatologist everything ok thank goodness. The doctor was so lovely I did suggest she became a neuro lol. Thank you both for your support. Karen xxx

Hi , I was wondering how you had got on so thanks for the update. That is great news, you must be so relieved.


Hi Karen,

See there is an angel looking after you, so pleased it was all ok. It would have been the last thing you needed. You've made my day now. Have been thinking of you all day. Hope your infection has improved as well.

Take care and sending (((((HUGS))))


x butterfly Life can be kind at times xx

Hi Janet thank you so much for your kind words, been asleep most of the evening and now when I should be in bed I am wide awake. Thanks again love Karen xxx